Bye Bye Lorenzo.

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Skye is tough as nails as she protects her daughter from her father, Elizabeth and the baby go home, and Sonny has a fussy new neighbor.

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Skye and Lorenzo are snuggling in bed as the new day begins. She says that the only thing that could make today better would be if their daughter was with them. He assures her that Lila will be with them within the hour. Skye can't hold her tears back as Lorenzo assures her that they are about to start a new life together. She says that she just wants to let go of the past and move on.

Liz is telling her new son that they can go home from the hospital today. Then she says that his daddy -- Jason -- wants him to have a happy and safe life. Emily peeks her head in the door and asks Liz what she's telling Jake about Jason? Liz says that Jason made sure that they made it to the hospital on time and she wants her son to know that. Emily says that Jason loves kids and hopefully, he'll get to spend some time with "this little guy." Later, Epiphany comes in and tells Elizabeth that she needs one more signature and then they are free to go. As Elizabeth starts to talk about how excited Lucky is for them all to be under one roof, Epiphany gets curt and tells Liz that she has been blessed with a healthy baby and how she raises him is none of her business! Liz is stumped by Epiphany's attitude.


Sonny tells Jason that as soon as he gets the phone call from Skye, it's time to spring into action. Jason says that as soon as Lorenzo is dead, they have to deal with Jerry. Then he tells Sonny how Jerry is using Emily as insurance and Sonny can't believe that Emily is caught up in the middle of it, but he reminds Jason to focus on the job at hand. Then Diane arrives and isn't pleased to have been called at 6 am. Sonny tells her that he didn't appreciate his kids waking up to the sound of a helicopter landing on the roof of the house next to his either. He insists that she put a stop to that ASAP. Diane comments that Sonny must have a very important neighbor.

Sonny's very important neighbor, Kate Howard, is walking through the palatial foyer of her new home and ordering her assistant to have the entire house redesigned from the ground up. Starting -- with the giant gray marble wall that lines the grounds of the home next door. The assistant points out that the homeowner might not be too happy about it and Kate says that he has never dealt with her before!


Jason goes to the hospital to find Emily. She tells him that she knows James Craig is Jerry Jax and explains that she had no choice but to co-sign his illegitimate wire transfers. Jason wishes she would've come to him first, but he vows to get her out of this mess. Emily reminds Jason that their dad wouldn't want him to kill someone to avenge his death.


Sam hears Amelia giving notice to Brandon - the network guy. Amelia turns to Sam and says that she's had a gun pointed at her head three times already since working near Jason Morgan and she's can't work that way any longer. She leaves in a huff and Brandon tells Sam that she won't have a show if she doesn't find a way to get Amelia back to work. Sam rushes to find Amelia, but it's no use. Amelia says that no one should live with such danger. She says that unless Sam is willing to break up with Jason, they are both in danger. After more arguing, Sam convinces Amelia to stay under the condition that there are no more guns. She is elated and runs off to talk to Jason. Amelia tells her assistant that she wasn't really going to quit, she just wanted to see if Sam was hooked (on being a TV star) or not. And since she is, it will really hurt when it all blows up in her face.


Another helicopter drops off some magazine layouts to Kate's house as Diane and Sonny come into her house and tell her to stop with the helicopters already. Kate and Sonny are both surprised to learn that they are neighbors and Kate says, "I suppose this explains the penitentiary next door." He tells Diane to leave them alone so they can talk.


Three really hot girls come into the hospital and ask for Dr. Patrick Drake. One of them twisted their ankle and the head football coach at PCU referred them. Robin says that's strange because they need an ortho guy, not a neurosurgeon. Patrick says that since a colleague gave his name, he can look at the ankle. She puts her long, lovely leg in the air as Patrick looks at her ankle. Then, he puts her in a wheelchair and her two friends come along as they wheel down the hall to an examination room.


Skye is anxiously awaiting Lila's arrival. Lorenzo brings Lila in and she joyfully holds the sweet little girl in her arms. Then she says that it's nap time and if Lila doesn’t get a nap she'll be fussy for the entire flight. As she goes upstairs, Lorenzo tells her that he knows it's hard for her to leave Port Charles. she kisses Lorenzo and says that she's ready to "get it over with". Once she's gone upstairs, Lorenzo tells the bodyguard that he is not to let Skye leave the house in Venezuela alone because he's afraid she'll take Lila and run.

Sonny tells Kate that she's just Connie Falconneri, so why does she need a house this big. She corrects him by reminding him that it's an estate. She tells him that the Hamptons are too overcrowded and she'd like a "country" place to relax and entertain friends. After she remodels, that is. Sonny tells her that she'll go to jail if he hears that helicopter while his kids are trying to sleep again. He offers to pay her twice the amount she paid, but she won't budge. Just then Sonny's phone rings and he sees that it's Skye calling.


Jason stops by Elizabeth's room and hears that she and the baby are going home today. She says that Lucky and Cam are coming soon and this might be the last chance he has to hold his son for a while. Jason is happy to do it, but he's interrupted by Sonny's phone call telling him it's time to go to work.


Robin and Emily are talking at the nurse's station as Patrick and the 3 girls come back through. After the girls giggle and invite Patrick to come party with them sometime, Robin smacks him in the chest with some lab work. Patrick asks her if he was supposed to refuse treatment to a patient just because she was hot. He said he wasn't doing anything but looking. Robin tells him if he wants something to look at he needs to meet her at his place at 6!

Sonny has finished his phone call and Kate asks if he just ordered a hit or something. He says that he landed a coffee shipment, that's all. Diane comes into the room and gushes over Kate's March (Couture Magazine) issue, and then announces that the injunction has been put into place and helicopters are banned from within a mile radius of Sonny's house. Kate informs her that she and Mr. Corinthos were just about to arrange a compromise. Sonny assures Diane, in private, that he just likes to watch Miss Howard beg and that he won't give in. Soon, a lovely lunch complete with wine is served on the terrace and Sonny asks Kate if she can arrange for the helicopter to come on the South side of the grounds instead of her roof. Kate says it's workable, but he has to tear down the prison wall in exchange for a pretty white fence.


Lorenzo is upstairs with the baby while Skye slips downstairs to let Jason in. Then she goes back into the nursery and says all she has to do is get Lila ready and they can leave. Lorenzo hugs them both and goes downstairs to call the car. Calm as a cucumber, Skye sits in the rocking chair and sings "Mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird" to Lilia until she hears the heavy thud from below.


Ric comes over looking for Alcazar.

Jason goes to Jax and Carly and demands to know where Jerry is.

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