GH Recap: Clear Out.

Friday, July 25th, 2014

Ned and Tracy argue, Shawn walks in on Jordan, Nina calls Silas home, and Olivia kicks Sonny out.

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At the hospital, Tracy calls Luke to update him on the Alice situation. Ned walks in on her. She pretends she was just talking to a designer but he thinks she's been plotting. Tracy admits she's been hiding her less than legal attempts to help Alice. He wants to help. They argue about her working with Diane rather than Alexis. She talks about everyone the family has lost and how it has been left to her to save the few left. Tracy asks him to come home. He agrees. She thinks that will give Alice a reason to live. Once he leaves, she calls Luke and tells him they are getting closer to taking over ELQ. Meanwhile, Sam and Silas stare at each other by the elevators. He hopes she's had a change of mind but she still insists that ending things was the right choice. Patrick shows up and Silas explains that he didn't talk to the reporter. Drake filed an appeal and is sure the culprit will be found. After Silas leaves, Sam tells Patrick about the break-up. He feels responsible but she tells him not too. She blames Nina for everything. They go to the surveillance guy. He explains that he already lent out the video they want to see to Sonny.

Rosalie and Nina head to Silas'. Nina is excited and starts dancing. She's sure she's scored a decisive victory over Silas' 'wench'. She tells her nurse about what she leaked to the press. Eating ice cream, Nina crosses Sam off her enemies list. Silas is next. He cost her a baby and she wants one. Rosalie doubts using a baby to punish him will make her happy. Nina wants him to feel what she went through. She calls the doctor and asks him to come home. Next, she ponders what to do with Ava. Rosalie runs an errand and returns just as Silas arrives. Rosalie lectures him. Nina acts compassionate. When the doctor walks off to change, Rosalie pulls out the pills Nina asked for. Nina breaks up a pill and drops it in a drink for Silas.

Ava, Julian and Mickey head to the penthouse. He's claimed it as his own. The siblings bicker and he tells her she needs to live by his rules. Mickey demands to know what she has on Sonny and threatens her with his gun. Julian grabs the gun away and demands to know if they are selling heroin now. They are. They lace the coke with it. Julian wants no part of that. Mickey threatens him. Julian threatens back. Mickey laughs and leaves. He makes a call to the boss and says he's arranged to send Julian a message.

At the office, Sonny and Shawn wonder who smuggled Ava out. Shawn has the surveillance footage from the hospital. They see her with Julian and Mickey. Olivia shows up and informs Sonny that she's kicking him out. He doesn't think things should be this way and refuses to clear out. He's sure that Carly won't allow it. Liv accuses him of enjoying hurting her. "You can't unscrew Ava so we're stuck," she says. He asks for a second chance anyway. "Forget you!" she declares, flouncing off. She runs straight into Ned in the elevator while Sam shows up at Sonny's office to ask for help.

Jordan shows up at Mickey's room for their date. He's not there so she breaks in and starts snooping. Before she can plant a bug, Shawn bursts in. She orders him to leave. He tells her that Mickey isn't the man she wants and then pulls her into a kiss. She slaps him. They make out.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam walks in on Silas and Nina in a compromising position.

Ned and Olivia bond.

Sonny tells Carly that he is still worried about Franco.

Ava begs Franco to help her bring down Sonny.

Jordan's life is at risk.

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