Skye. A Black Widow?

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Skye sets Lorenzo's assassination in motion, Jerry explains how Emily will keep him alive, and Amelia goes to Sonny for some sexual healing.

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Amelia is rattled as she recognizes Mr. Craig's name as the Metro Court hostage mastermind. He tells her that he has helped her career, then, hasn't he? In the interest of full disclosure, he introduces himself by his real name -- Jerry Jacks. Amelia doesn't understand why he would blow up his own brother's hotel? Jerry tells Sam to fetch a glass of wine for the three of them so he can explain what he needs from them. As she bends down into the wine cabinet, Sam spies a gun that Jason stashes there. Meanwhile, Jerry makes chit chat with Amelia and turns to look at something as he talks. Sam seizes the opportunity to draw her gun on him but Amelia yells "No!" and pushes the gun towards the wall. Craig quickly recovers and takes control of the situation and Sam asks Amelia why she didn't let her shoot? "I can't let you kill another man," Amelia slips.


Jason tells Sonny that his top priority is dealing with the monster who held people he loved hostage. Sonny understands that Jason wants revenge, but since Craig is Jax's brother, he's less of a threat to them at the moment than Alcazar. He clarifies that Jerry is a psychopath and needs to die, eventually. Sonny says that he trusts his judgment on this one because he didn't have to watch his father stumble during a heart attack and an ambush. He says that Craig can wait, but Lorenzo needs to die, clean, quiet and quick, then he asks Jason if he can handle the job.


Patrick can't believe that Robin is serious about not moving in with him. She reminds him that she drives him crazy, and he can't disagree. But he doesn't get why she won't move it with him. She says that one hour after she moved in last time he went to Vegas with a friend and they've been in one crisis after another since then. She says they do well in crisis, but they struggle when life is normal. She says that if they are together 24/7, they will certainly fight. Patrick takes her by the hand and tells her that she will live with him in his apartment because they love each other and are ready. He says, "I will wait for you, because you're worth it." Then they make love on the sofa and admit how happy they are. Patrick asks if they can go to the bed or does sleeping on the couch make her feel more like she's just visiting? Robin laughs as they go to bed.

Skye indignantly tells Lorenzo that she ran interference for him time and time again; surely he can grant her a few innocent goodbyes before they leave Port Charles. Lorenzo says that he doesn't want her to feel like a prisoner and tells her to stay put while he arranges for Lila's homecoming.


Jax comes home and tells Carly that he told Sonny everything. Carly can't believe that went over well. She asks Jax if Sonny mentioned that Jerry's guys tied him to a chair and beat him? Did he mention that Jerry shot Max? Jax says that he's not proud of anything Jerry has done; he just wants to get to the bottom of it. Then, Alexis arrives to talk to Jax. She says that if Jerry gets arrested, Jax could be arrested as an accomplice. She tells Jax that she'd like to represent him. Carly says that she's busy helping Luke to fight Scott, and wonders which case will get her top priority? "I love it when you're a Spencer whenever it suits you," Alexis says. Carly slings accusations about how Alexis wants to be more important to Jax than she is. She says that if Alexis represents Jax, she will make jokes at her expense and roll her eyes and weasel her way into Jax's bed. Alexis calls her paranoid and Carly tells Jax that if Alexis doesn't leave, she'll go stay with her boys at Sonny's. Alexis stands up to leave and apologizes to Jax for the position he's in. After she's gone, Carly says that she's sick of Alexis' "holier than thou" attitude. Jax defends himself and says that Jason is condescending to him and he shows up when ever he wants, so why can't Alexis? Then he softens and tells Carly that he'll never let Jerry or Alexis or anyone come between them. Carly sits down and tells him that she'd never leave her husband just because his ex-wife throws herself at him. Then, they kiss.

Skye has dressed in black and slipped out the bathroom window so that she could inform Sonny of Alcazar's plans to take her and Lila to South America tomorrow. She says that as soon as she has her daughter in her hands, he can kill him. Skye is shaken at the reality of the conversation and Sonny reminds her that Lorenzo put her life in danger. "You are stopping Alcazar before he can do any more harm," Sonny assures her. He reminds her that she asked him to wait and he did that. Then he asks if she'll hold up her end of the bargain.


Back at Jason's penthouse, Jerry is explaining to Sam what a mistake it was to cross him and Spinelli silently comes down stairs and is preparing to whack him with a pool stick. Jerry figures it out, somehow, and tells "The Jackal" to put down the pool cue. Spinelli tells "The Unhinged One" that Stone Cold's reaction will be lethal! Just then Jason comes home and Jerry tells him to come in and hear what's going to happen next. He decides to tell them about his little insurance policy and challenges Jason to guess who he's imitating. He affects a female voice and says, "I'm the person who loves you - no questions asked." Jason's eyes get big as he guesses Emily. Jerry announces that he's right explains that Emily is safe for the moment, but if he dies Jason's "plucky little sister" will end up in Guantánamo Bay because she is now permanently tied to his business practices via bank records. As he walks out the door, Jerry says that he intends on having a happy life and if he doesn’t, Emily will pay the price. After he's gone, Amelia tells Sam that they need to discuss her "personal situation" and then leaves. Spinelli apologizes to Jason for letting him down.


Emily timidly enters the study at Wyndemere, but Nikolas assures her that he hasn't seen Craig in a while. Emily sighs in relief and says that maybe he skipped town. She reminds him that at least they don't have to worry about his life every 24 hours. He is fussing about how he can figure out who Craig is vulnerable to and Emily is trying to get him to realize that they finally have privacy and can be together. Finally, he gets it and they go upstairs to bed.


Skye has slipped back into Lorenzo's house and comes downstairs in a robe. She tells Lorenzo that she just had a relaxing bath and that she's going to miss that bath tub and the view of the city. She says that she has been happy living here, in spite of what he thinks. She seductively pulls him over to the sofa and tells him that she's eager for a fresh start with him. She takes her robe off and tells him that she would give up her life for Lila and now she can trust that he will too.


Sonny is in his office talking on the phone. He's telling someone that they're just waiting for a call from Skye. Amelia rushes in and proceeds to take everything off his desk as she tells him that when a person is being held at gunpoint the senses are heightened and when you suddenly realize that you're going to live… Sonny finishes her sentence, "…you only want one thing?" By this time she is lying flat on her back on this desk and he bends down to kiss her.


Craig has returned to Wyndemere and sent Alfred upstairs to fetch Nikolas and Emily. They come downstairs and he tells them that he is Jerry Jacks. He says that now everyone knows who he is, including Jason. He explains that Jason's new job is to work overtime to keep him alive in order to keep his precious sister out of prison.


Jason and Sam are alone and Sam is explaining what happened before he walked in the door. Then she tells him about the domestic abuse segment they shot earlier in the day and how she lost it. She explains that Amelia walked her home and that's when they found Craig -- or Jax or whatever his name is -- waiting for them. Jason says the first thing he has to do is check out his story.


Three gorgeous young girls go to the hospital to look for Patrick.

Amelia voices her displeasure with Sam's dangerous personal life.

Skye gets her daughter back and Jason goes to work.

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