GH Recap: Revenge On Rafe.

Friday, July 11th, 2014

Levi gets a visit from Immigration, Silas thinks Patrick is guilty, and Lucas' choice gets complicated.

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An Immigration agent shows up at Maxie's door looking for Levi. He explains that the Aussie lacks a visa. Maxie plays dumb. The agent warns that she will be in trouble if she's harboring an alien. She gives him the runaround. Shirtless Levi wanders in scratching himself. Maxie thinks she knows who ratted on her boyfriend. The agent plans to deport Dunkleman. It should take a few days. He leaves and she leaves a message for Diane. Nathan walks in. They stare at him.

Lulu pays Lucas a visit at Carly's. They discuss "The Golden Girls" and he bemoans his man troubles. She warns that triangles always end in disaster. He unpacks the story. He's finished with Brad but he likes all the attention. Lulu urges him not to give up on Brad for her sake if he still wants him. She encourages him to go and talk to the man he wants.

At the hospital, Brad startles Felix while he is having a shower in the locker room. Felix covers up. "You're a hungry, hungry hippo homosexual and you're famished!" Brad accuses. He knows that "The Golden Girls" is foreplay and orders him to back away from Lucas. Felix doesn't appreciate him talking about the "Girls" like that. Brad accuses him of being frigid and then plants a kiss on him. Felix pushes him away. Lucas shows up in time to see this and storms out. Brad chases him down and claims he just got carried away. Lucas wanted to settle things and announce who he was choosing. Felix joins them. Brad bickers with him. Lucas stomps off. Down the hall, Kiki tells Morgan and Tracy that Rafe is brain dead. Tracy bluntly asks if he was an organ donor. He is. Meanwhile, Alice continues trying to tell Michael the truth but Tracy barges in to say she's found an organ ready for the taking. Tracy gloats that Alice owes her for this. She drags Michael off to make enquiries. They ask Kiki about the heart. She offers to talk to Silas about this. Across the hospital, Silas sits at Rafe's bedside vowing revenge if this is Patrick's fault. Nina shows up, claiming she's been worried about Rafe. He fills her in. She tries giving a pep talk but it's hopeless. He stares off. Nina wonders if Dr. Drake is responsible. "Justice will happen," Silas intones. She thinks he should have Sam investigate. He doubts Sam agrees with his suspicions. She can't believe Sam is siding with Drake. Kiki arrives and asks Silas into the hall. She brings up the transplant. Rafe's blood-type matches Alice's. Back in the room, Nina tells Rafe that he's helping her drive a wedge between Silas and his 'trailer trash girlfriend'. She promises he'll get a great funeral. He opens his eyes. She jumps. Elsewhere, Sam corners Patrick at the elevators and asks him if he took revenge on Rafe. They go somewhere quiet and he explains that the voice in his head called for vengeance... but he didn't listen to it. She believes him but doubts convincing Silas will be so easy. Sam says she'll help Silas see things her way. They hug.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nina is thrown off kilter at the hospital.

The Quartermaines are optimistic about a cure for Alice.

Maxie demands that Nathan come clean about Levi’s visa issue.

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