GH Recap: No Big Deal.

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Alice collapses at ELQ, TJ tells Molly about Rafe’s drug use, and Alexis suggests to Ned he’s getting played by Tracy.

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At the hospital Rafe overhears Sam, Patrick, Silas and Kiki realize he must have been the one driving the car. Silas tells them Rafe is still at the hospital and wants to talk to him first. Patrick insists on being there, so Sam follows them as they both run off to look for Rafe. Kiki hangs back, and Rosalie pushes Nina up to her. They saw Silas run off and Kiki tells them there is a crisis involving Rafe. Rafe runs off as Rosalie tells Nina and Kiki all about his father’s vampire history. Kiki thinks Rafe took Silas’ car and ran Patrick off the road, and Rosalie bashes Silas for abandoning Nina again for someone else. She wheels Nina off to go home, and Kiki looks appalled. Meanwhile, Sam, Patrick and Silas can’t find Rafe. Dante and Olivia overhear them talking and Patrick tells them they found the other driver in the accident – Rafe. Silas tells Dante he gave Rafe his keys to take the bus home. Dante calls in an APB, then suggests starting at Silas’ apartment. Dante tells a reluctant Patrick to go to the fireworks with Emma instead. Patrick runs into Kiki and tells her the cops are now involved.

Molly and TJ meet in the park to watch the fireworks. She admits she isn’t ready to go back to her mom’s house and tells him Alexis brought her Ric’s things. He had written her a letter telling her know how much he loves her and she admits it helped having her mom there. Later, Molly tells him about Rafe’s visit, and that he apologized for ratting them out to his mom. TJ tells her Rafe punched him after he caught him doing coke. Molly wants to get Rafe help and decides to talk to Silas. He doesn’t answer his phone but she won’t enjoy the show if she doesn’t handle it now. She leaves TJ and promises to be back. Meanwhile, Ned meets Alexis and tells her he’s sorry about Ric. He asks about Molly and she tells him she’s a mess, and staying with Sam temporarily since they are at odds over the whole Julian thing. He hands her Tracy and Luke’s annulment papers. He knows how hard it was for Tracy to admit she was wrong. Michael let her back in the company after getting the annulment papers and Ned wants to be certain the papers are on the up and up. Alexis wonders if Tracy is pulling a fast one on Ned. Maybe Luke never cheated and this is a ploy to get back in ELQ. She promises to make sure the annulment was filed.

At ELQ, Tracy threatens Alice while she is on the phone with Michael. Tracy begs Alice not to talk, and Alice suddenly collapses and hits the ground. Tracy yells for her to be okay and calls 911.

At the riverfront brownstone, Michael realizes something happened to Alice and races off with Morgan. Nathan tells him he can handle Maxie, but they accidentally get cuffed together. Nathan finally gets the key out of his pocket, but all of Maxie’s squirming causes it to fly in the air. After searching the whole place they still can’t find the key. She wants the station to send another key over but he can’t admit he accidentally handcuffed himself to a perp. He jokes that he's seen her rap sheet and chuckles about her uncommon crimes. She realizes she left her phone at home. She wants his instead and tackles him to get it. She lands on top of him, and after a few moments they get back up and he tells her he has another key at their place. They head out.

Morgan and Michael run into ELQ and demand to know what happened. Tracy tells them she just found Alice on the floor and Morgan does CPR. The paramedics arrive and shock a pulse back into Alice. They rush her to the hospital. Morgan goes with and pulls Michael away from questioning Tracy to go too.

At Silas’ place Nina is livid about Silas’ situation. She was doing so good breaking up Silas and white trash Sam until his cokehead nephew put them back together. Rafe overhears and can see Nina is up and about. He can’t wait to see her explain herself and she calls him a baby killer. She reminds him she kept quiet about his coke use. She thinks they need to help each other. She offers him $500 to leave and keep her secret. Rafe thinks he should turn himself in. Nina tells him he will be in prison if he doesn’t run. She gives him the money and asks if they have a deal. Later, Dante busts open Silas’ door with his gun drawn.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nathan thinks Maxie’s eyes are beautiful.

Britt sees Nik pick up Liz for the fireworks.

Emma asks Patrick if he and her mommy are getting a divorce.

Alexis wants to know what Rafe did.

Molly finds Rafe.

Sam screams for Rafe.

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