GH Recap: Something To Lose.

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Julian tries to quit, Nikolas makes a move on Liz, and Lulu has an idea.

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At Kelly's, Duke tells Sonny that Jerome's operation will be going down tonight. Shawn joins them and the boss fills him in. Shawn thinks Sonny made the wrong call by going to the cops and accuses him of being as bad as Julian. Sonny is sure this is the only way for them to survive. He heads off. Shawn blames all of this on Duke and tells him that TJ is about to lose his mother. Duke reminds him of all the damage that Julian has done and warns him not to warn Jordan about what's coming.

TJ arrives at the gallery and catches his mom discussing a drug deal on the phone. He quizzes her and she says she's just importing some vases from Columbia. TJ buys that and he's sure she wouldn't have anything to do with drugs again. They hug. Once he leaves, Shawn shows up.

At Alexis', Julian tears himself away from her and says he'll see her later. She apologizes for asking him to leave his boss. They kiss and he heads off. She calls Ric over and asks him to let Julian out of the business. Ric insists he is not Julian's boss. She doesn't buy it and begs. He repeats himself and explains that Liz is giving him another chance. Alexis makes him swear on Molly's life that he's not a mob boss. He does so she finally believes him.

Luke is on the docks. Tracy calls him but he reschedules their lunch. Julian shows up and informs him that he's quitting. That doesn't go over well and makes no sense to Luke. "Now I've got something to lose," Julian explains. He rationalizes things and insists it's time for him to go legit. Luke reminds him that all of his legitimate businesses were started with mob money and he still needs them to launder his money. Julian is adamant. Luke tells him there will be consequences if he tries to walk away. They exchange threats until they finally shake and wish each other good luck. "You're going to need it," Luke mumbles as Julian walks away.

Luke heads to Alexis' with his gun.

At their place, Lulu tells Dante she wants to carry their baby. He reminds her that that's not an option. She has her doubts and explains that there are surgeries she can have. The cop thinks it's too risky and a surrogate would be the safest bet. She's not so sure. He gets a call from Anna and has to head to work. Once he's gone, she calls for a consultation appointment.

Nikolas tracks Liz down at the hospital. She informs him that she's moving out of Wyndemere. He suspects there's something going on. The nurse explains it's Ric. They're giving things another shot. The prince thinks she's making a huge mistake. He lists Ric's flaws but she claims that what she had with him was real and could be again. Nikolas kisses her. She pushes him away. They bicker and she reminds him that he picked Britt. "There's never going to be an us," she says, explaining that the timing will never be right for them. She's choosing Ric. He thinks she's just afraid. She repeats herself and walks out, running into Ric in the hall. They leave together.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Luke shows up at Alexis' with an agenda.

Julian holds a family dinner.

Shawn has a sensitive conversation with Jordan.

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