GH Recap: Hitched.

Friday, May 9th, 2014

Luke gives everyone a surprise at the ball, Brad gets jealous and Levi has a change of mind.

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Britt and Brad are shocked to see that her mom has crashed the Nursesꞌ Ball. Brad isn't happy to see his ex with Felix. Heꞌs determined to go to the ball. Britt doesn't want to.

Spencer is with his father at Windermere. He nags Nikolas about going to the ball. The prince caves in. As soon as he wanders off to get dressed, Spencer starts making calls to his grandma. His father catches him dancing and wonders whatꞌs up. The kid runs off an gets dressed in a special suit with glittering lapels.

At Maxieꞌs, Levi tells her that they can go to the ball after all. He canꞌt put a price on seeing her smile. She runs off to get dressed.

At the ball, Obrect tells the audience that the celebration is all thanks to her support. She starts bickering with Anna until Lucy rushes her off the stage. She calls Kiki and her friends up to perform. Tracy and Luke cringe. Kiki, Liz, Lucas and Felix sing with some nurses and kick balloons around the stage. When the performance ends, Obrecht starts nagging Dante about her ankle monitor. Nathan drags her away. She wishes he would call her ꞌmutterꞌ but he refuses. Lucy announces that Ned is performing next. Ned hits the stage with his band. Once he finishes, he joins his mom at her table. She tells him his performance was wonderful and she will always love him. Anna wanders out past the Yoplait banners and runs into Nathan. She offers him some pointers on dealing with his mother if he needs them. He hangs out by the red carpet. Maxie strolls in alone. She and Nathan stare at each other. He tells her how beautiful she looks. Levi arrives in his jacket and flip flops. He bickers with the cop until Nathan leaves. Mac and Felicia pop up next. Meanwhile, Britt and Brad show up and catch Lucas chatting with Felix in a corner. The three men bicker. Britt suggests they stop the righteousness. Bradꞌs exes walk off to get ready for their next performance. "When did they become Siegfried and Roy?" Brad complains. Luke is the next person to appear on stage. Everyone is a little confused as he performs. After a round of applause, he tells the audience that he plans to marry Tracy right then and there. Tracy is gobsmacked. Ned starts looking for a way to stop this. Luke declares that Lucy is a legal officiant. Kiki and Michael are in shock. Luke gets Lulu to stand up for him and requests that Ned stand up for Tracy. Reluctantly, Ned agrees. Lucy brings everyone on stage. They run through an abbreviated ceremony. Ned whispers to his mom to back out but she doesn't. As they are declared husband and wife, Luke takes a last glance around the room at all the other women and tells himself to seal the deal for ELQ. As everyone claps, Ned assures Kiki that Luke will be sorry he ever layed a hand on her. Meanwhile, Dante follows his father out and confronts him about cheating on Olivia. Sonny doesn't want to talk about it. Felix, Lucas, Michael, Nathan and Milo come out to perform their strip routine. Brad pouts. After the performance ends, Lucy returns to the stage to announce that Blackie Parrish is up next.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

The Ball continues with more unexpected guest.

Former loves are reunited.

Someone uses their moment in the spotlight to express their feelings for a special person.

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