GH Recap: Cotton Candy Confection.

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Port Charles couples walk the red carpet, the 2014 Nurses’ Ball begins, and Liesl hijacks the show.

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Shawn and Sonny meet at the office before the gala. Shawn tells Sonny that Jordan is joining their table for TJ’s sake. Sonny isn’t going, but Shawn encourages Sonny to go and fight for Olivia.

At home, Nathan asks Maxie if she’s having second thoughts about coming but she insists it’s her decision to stay home. She’s just happy to spend a night alone with Levi eating raw kale.

At Wyndemere, Spencer asks his dad to invite Britt over but Nik tells him they’re through for good. Spencer assumes Nik will then marry Elizabeth but Nik tells him that’s ridiculous. Elizabeth enters, dressed to the nines. Nik compliments her and offers to have his driver bring her home but Ric is picking them up. Nik hopes she has a good time and Liz tells him he can still come along. Nik declines - galas have left a bad taste in his mouth. Meanwhile, Cameron needles Spencer about his boring evening home with Nik before leaving with Elizabeth. Later, Nik orders pizza and Spencer thinks about what Cameron said.

Lucy scrambles to get dressed backstage at the ball. Felicia enters, accessorized with an Aztec heirloom she only wears on special occasions. Felicia asks Lucy if things are over with Scott and Lucy says they are, though she misses him. She’s just glad Kevin didn’t find out. Kevin overhears. Felicia covers and tells him Lucy is planning a surprise number dedicated to him. He’s excited to see it and after he leaves Lucy freaks – she has no routine. Felicia is sure she’ll think of something. Outside, the red carpet coverage is underway. Olivia is questioned before she’s ready about whether Sonny will escort her, so she excuses herself as guests begin to arrive. Sam enters with Silas, and trips and falls. Silas assures her no one is watching but Sam knows better. Alexis and Julian are next and they are officially a couple in the public eye. Next up, TJ and Molly, followed by Shawn and Jordan. Tracy and fiancé Luke are next. Michael and Kiki enter with Ned, who has to hold Michael back from attacking Luke. They have a plan and it’s going down tonight. Olivia grabs Ned to walk with her and the host asks if there is trouble in paradise with Sonny. Sonny enters and Olivia spars with him on camera. Dante and Lulu quickly escort Sonny and Olivia inside. Next, Felix and Lucas both arrive stag and decide to walk the carpet together. Liz arrives with Ric, followed by Anna and Duke, who is in a full Scottish kilt. Epiphany and Nathan walk together, then Felicia, Mac, and Mr. Marbles. Felicia is questioned about the Aztec jewels before Lucy appears with Kevin. Scott and Bobbie are next, and Scott and Lucy lock eyes. Kevin is glad to see Scott is moving on from Laura and wishes him and Bobbie a good night. Kevin can tell Lucy is rattled but hopes she wants Scott to be happy. Inside, Epiphany gets ready while Nathan breaks the news to Felicia and Mac that Maxie isn’t coming. Meanwhile, Cameron texts Spencer and Emma hopes he isn’t taunting him. She only dumped Spencer because he was mean and hopes Cameron is nice. Later, Olivia tells Dante that Sonny is a two-timing low life. Lulu runs after her while Dante asks Sonny if he cheated on his mother. Sonny tells him it meant nothing. Dante can’t believe Sonny broke Olivia’s heart for nothing, then joins Lulu and Olivia at their table as the ball begins. Lucy takes the stage and welcomes everyone to the 20th anniversary of the ball. She introduces the first act, the General Hospital nurses with Epiphany, Liz and Felix front and center. Liesl interrupts with a sexy cabaret routine, compete with nurses in lingerie.

Britt watches the ball coverage at Brad’s place, wallowing in ice cream. At first Brad is offended she would assume he wants to watch with her but quickly gets into it, laughing when Sam bites it, rewinding it over and over. Brad even makes a gif. They briefly turn it off when Dante and Lulu arrive, then click it back on in time to see Lucas and Felix enter. Later, they are floored by Liesl’s performance.

Back at Wyndemere, Spencer suggests he and Nik get dressed and go.

Back at home, Levi catches Maxie watching the red carpet and turns it off for her own good. He wants her to think about all the money that would be better off donated to the charity directly. She understands, which is why she’ll only watch for 10 minutes. Later, they eat their kale and he asks her to be honest about the red carpet. She admits she loves it and he suggests they go to the ball.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

The Nurses' Ball continues.

Luke has a surprise for Tracy.

Maxie is happy with Levi.

Nathan wants nothing to do with Liesl.

Brad wants to go to the ball with Britt.

Spencer calls someone for a favor.

Lucy introduces Eddie Maine to the stage.

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