GH Recap: One And Two And Booty Shake.

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

Liesl wants to sing, Michael learns about Luke’s advances toward Kiki, and Maxie decides not to attend the ball.

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At Wyndemere, Cameron upsets Spencer with the news he’s dancing the tango with Emma at the ball. Meanwhile, Ric arrives to pick up Liz and Cameron, surprising Nik. Ric asks Liz to be his date at the Nurses’ Ball and she agrees. Later, Spencer tells Nik he lost Emma and will never get her back. Nik tries to make him feel better, but Spencer knows he and Emma were meant to be. Nik tells him that sometimes meant to be is not meant to be.

At home, Maxie is surprised by Nathan’s dance moves for the Nurses’ Ball. He brings up her request he move out and she tells him that was Levi’s idea. He thinks she’s full of Levi’s ideas. She insists she has her own thoughts, but Nathan hasn’t seen them since she’s been back. Levi emerges and thinks the atmosphere is radioactive. He asks Nathan to leave but Maxie states that whatever decision she makes is hers and no one else’s, and Nathan can stay. Plus she can’t wait to watch him make a fool out if himself at the ball. Levi tells her they aren’t going. She defends the ball but he thinks there are more authentic ways to help people. She agrees and decides to stay home with Levi.

Kiki catches Michael practicing his dance moves in his apartment for the Nurses’ Ball. She has a surprise for him too, but hustles him off to the shower when there is a knock at the door. It’s Ned, and he wants Kiki’s help saving Tracy from Luke. He’s sure Luke is bringing down her and ELQ, but Kiki thinks Luke is on to them. Michael overhears Ned ask her to make another pass at Luke. Michael is confused about what is going on, so Kiki tells him about Luke’s aggressive advances. Michael is livid and off to find Luke, but Ned stops him. He has another idea.

Luke romances Tracy at Kelly’s, glad she didn’t listen to any of Ned’s concerns. Bobbie arrives and wants to know why Luke never told her he was getting married. He passes it off as being drunk on love and she wishes them congrats. Scott shows up for breakfast with Bobbie. Luke looks concerned, and Scott thought they were closer after all their time together at Miscavige. Scott and Bobbie grab their own table and Scott asks Bobbie to be his date at the ball. “Absolutely not,” she says. She knows he’s hurting and only looking to make Lucy hurt too. Scott is ready for a fresh start and begs Bobbie to give it a shot. She agrees to go with him. Meanwhile, Luke tells Tracy about Michael’s donation request and Tracy is on board. Luke isn’t so sure considering AJ killed Connie and wants her to turn down the request. She agrees and he asks her to break the news to Michael herself so he has time to work on his surprise for the ball.

At the hospital, Epiphany offers Felix the day off but Liesl arrives and puts the kibosh on that plan. She was released, free to resume all duties since she has the power to shut the whole place down. The hospital was on the edge of financial ruin, and Liesl made sure they had the millions to save it. Epiphany and Felix realize she bought her position as Chief of Staff, and without her the hospital would be shut down. Liesl leaves and Epiphany and Felix worry she’ll interfere with the ball.

At the Metro Court, Mac practices his Mr. Marbles routine. There is a resounding agreement from Lucy, Duke, Kevin, Anna, Felicia and Emma that it isn’t good, and Felicia asks Mac to drop it. Later, Kevin asks Lucy what’s wrong and she’s upset he made a joke about leaving her over Mr. Marbles. He knows she would never leave him for another man and she rushes back to work. Meanwhile, Anna tells Duke that Carly and Franco seem to have skipped town. She also tells him about Liesl’s immunity. Later, Kevin asks Mac and Felicia if Lucy is acting strange and they play it off as pre-ball stress. Later, Liesl arrives. As chief of staff, her investment makes the ball possible – or not. But she doesn’t want to shut it down – she wants to be in it! Lucy tells her the lineup is all set and everyone leaves the room. Alone, Liesl tells Mr. Marbles she knows how he feels. But they will show them – no one puts Liesl in a corner.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam is worried about what people will see.

Nathan wonders if Maxie is having second thoughts.

Kevin wonders what Lucy and Felicia are talking about.

Spencer notices the way Nik looks at Liz.

Brad and Britt are shocked by what someone is wearing.

Sonny and Olivia have a confrontation on the red carpet.

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