GH Recap: Handsy With Kiki.

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Ned catches up with Alexis, Sonny tells Ava to get out of town, and Luke orders Julian to kill his sister.

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At the PCPD, Anna asks Carlos if he really wants to stick with his confession. He thinks of Ava's threats and keeps his mouth shut. After he is taken away, she calls Franco and Carly in. When they arrive, she asks if they have anything to tell her about Ava. Carly fudges. Anna asks about AJ's phone. Franco has a clue about where to find it and explains he has all of AJ's passwords. They track the phone. It has been dead for weeks and was last working at the hospital.

At the hospital, Sabrina tries to be hopeful about her baby and thanks Felix for his support. He shows her the newspaper article about Carlos confessing. None of this makes sense to her. Down the hall, Sam tries comforting Patrick, even if she has no cheesy puffs. "I think my marriage is over," he says. The doctor unloads about Robin and why he needs to end things with her. Sam suggests he chill out for a few days but he doesn't see what difference that would make. He doesn't want her comfort either. Patrick goes in to see Sabrina. She tells him their son is stable. He's impressed and sends her home to rest. Back down the hall, Carly and Franco show up looking for AJ's cell phone. Felix hands them the lost and found box. They find it and charge it. She gasps when it comes on. It shows that the phone was recording something when he died.

Alexis is thrilled to run into Ned at Kelly's. They talk about 'the new fox in the company hen house'. He fills her in about Luke. She thinks that he may not be the swindler he used to be. Ned tells her that Luke has been getting 'handsy' with Kiki. "Ick!" blurts Alexis. She still thinks he might be acting overprotective. Alexis changes the topic to Ned's love life, or lack thereof. He asks her out. She has to turn him down and explains she's dating Julian. Ned reminds her that dating gangsters doesn't go well. She knows she's a hypocrite but Julian is sexy. The lawyer encourages him to support his mom, even if he doesn't agree with her choices. Ned heads out. Sam arrives and chats with her mom about Patrick and Robin's refusal to return.

Luke is in his ELQ office playing with a credit card. Julian arrives with a briefcase of cash. "Let's deal with Ava," says Luke. Julian updates him on the friction between Sonny and Morgan and Ava feeding information to Corinthos. Luke orders him to kill Ava. Jerome thinks that's a tad extreme. Luke is insistent. When Julian resists, Luke threatens to have him killed too. After he sends Julian out, he starts counting his cash. Ned walks in on him and wonders what's going on.

At the gallery, Ava leaves another message for Morgan. Sonny shows up, demanding to know why Carlos confessed. She thinks he should be thanking her for burying this. The mobster warns her that Julian knows they have been sharing information. He suggests that she get out of town. He's made arrangements for her to go to his island while he settles things. After he leaves, she grabs her passport. Julian arrives and pulls a gun on her.

Sabrina arrives at the PCPD to see Carlos.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Julian confronts Ava.

Sonny asks Shawn to look for Ava.

Olivia figures out what Sonny has been hiding.

Duke suggests that he and Anna team up against Julian.

Ned accuses Luke of embezzling ELQ money.

Sabrina questions Carlos' confession.

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