GH Recap: Hot Sauce On The Side.

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Luke continues to harass Kiki, Britt writes out her confession, and AJ slips into a coma.

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At General Hospital, Luke startles Kiki by the vending machine, upset that she told Morgan he made a pass at her. Kiki tells Luke to back off but he counters with an offer to get her in a dark corner where she will be begging for more. Kiki is horrified. Meanwhile, Morgan asks Tracy where Kiki and Luke are. Tracy wonders why he cares when Kiki left him for his brother and he’s dating her mother. Michael and Monica walk up and Patrick soon delivers bad news. There was swelling on AJ’s brain that they couldn’t control. Now he’s in a coma and they have to wait for the swelling to go down before fixing the aneurism. Monica accuses Patrick of making a mistake but he tells her that some things are out of their control. Tracy follows Patrick to get more answers, and Morgan comforts Michael. Meanwhile, Liz brings Cameron to the hospital and makes him promise to talk to her when he has a problem. He asks if he can talk to Ric too and she agrees. Britt finishes writing her confession just as Liz brings Cameron into the conference room. She stashes her confession on a stack of envelopes, than grabs what she thinks is her confession before she dashes off. Cameron asks Liz for some art supplies so he can work to win Emma back. Later, Liz runs into Patrick and he tells her AJ is in a coma and he thinks it is his fault. Liz assures him that he is not to blame. Later, Michael and Monica go to AJ’s side. Michael blames himself for opting for surgery. Monica tells him it isn’t his fault. Tracy finds Luke and Kiki and tells them AJ is in a coma. Kiki leaves and Luke tells Tracy that Kiki has been hitting on him. He asks her not to make a big deal out of it for Michael’s sake. Meanwhile, Kiki finds Michael and comforts him while Patrick watches on. Liz returns to get Cameron, who has made a present for Emma out of Britt’s confession. He hands it to Liz who promises to get it in the right hands.

At Wyndemere, Britt is about to burn her confession when Lulu walks in to help with the party. Lulu tells Britt she wants them to be close for Nikolas and Ben. After Lulu leaves Britt sets fire to the envelope and tells herself it is over.

Julian leaves Ava’s gallery in a hurry to meet Alexis. Sonny soon arrives to talk about AJ. Sonny knows it’s on him if AJ dies, but Michael will blame himself. She reaches out to comfort him and tells him they have to finish AJ off or they will both be in trouble. He wonders why she is worried and she tells him that once she conspired with him and covered up the shooting she is in it up to her neck. Morgan walks in and asks what they are doing. She tells him about their concerns that Ric is funding Julian. Morgan tells them AJ is in a coma and Michael is very torn up.

At home, Alexis gets ready for Julian and thinks about Sonny’s warnings. Molly comes in and tells her that she’s going to meet TJ at Kelly’s because his mom is in town. Molly points out that Alexis’ lipstick shade is off and asks why she’s experimenting with makeup. She runs into Julian on her way out and her question is answered. Alexis rushes Molly to go off to meet TJ. Alone, Alexis invites Julian to the engagement party and he guesses she has an ulterior motive. Won’t she worry what Sonny will say? She tells him Sonny has no control over her personal life. She decides to ask Ric instead but Julian tells her Ric isn’t the man for her. Julian gets close and tells her he will pick her up at 6:30. She fans herself off after he leaves.

At Kelly’s, Shawn gives Jordan one of the famous BLTs but she turns up her nose at the mayo and tells him to make another. He agrees to do it once she tells TJ why she’s here. She finally tells TJ that it’s time for him to come home with her after Shawn got him involved in his shady business. She doesn’t think he is safe in Port Charles. TJ refuses to leave. He is almost done with his senior year and he is waiting to hear if he got into PCU. Molly arrives and makes nice with Jordan. TJ tells Molly about Jordan’s plan and Shawn pulls Jordan off to the side. If she insists on taking TJ back he will tell TJ why she unloaded him in the first place. She returns to TJ and tells him he can stay – but so is she.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Britt and Nik prepare for the perfect night.

Dante is surprised to see Olivia and Sonny at the party.

Spencer flatters Emma.

Julian looks forward to his night with Alexis.

Tracy thinks Luke knows how to turn on the charm.

Liesl interrupts Brad and Lucas.

Silas questions what is between Sam and Ric.

Ric discovers writing on Cameron’s gift to Emma.

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