GH Recap: That's Meaningless.

Thursday, March 13th, 2014

Luke's behavior unnerves some people, Lulu has a dream and Emma gets upset.

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As Dante sleeps in his bed, Lulu holds Ben and tells him that she's his real mom. Suddenly, Britt appears and declares she is the real mom. Lulu wakes up from this nightmare. Dante wonders what that was about. She tells him to go to work. They make out and then have breakfast. She's planning to visit her brother. He suggests she visit Ben too. "I hadn't thought of that," she claims.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Britt have breakfast and discuss their engagement party. She thought they were going to cancel it but he insists it's going ahead. They start making out. Spencer runs in and yelps that Ben is gone. He starts looking under the cushions and then begins moaning about how Emma has ripped out his heart. His father explains that Emma has other issues to deal with right now. Spencer runs off as Lulu comes in. After Britt wanders off to check on Ben, Lulu tells the prince about her dream. As they discuss her feelings, Britt listens at the door.

Monica is with Michael, Kiki and Sabrina in AJ's hospital room. Tracy and Luke are outside. She reminds him that he needs to apologize to Monica. He's not enthusiastic. They run into Sabrina and catch up with her about AJ. The nurse flashes back to treating Carlos for a head wound when they tell her about clobbering the last person who tried to kill AJ. Sabrina bustles off. In one of the rooms, she bluntly asks Carlos if he shot AJ. At first he cracks jokes instead of answering and then swears his innocence. Back down the hall, Luke apologizes to Monica for being rude previously. Tracy and Monica are both startled by how over the top this gets. The women walk off. Luke chuckles to himself and then corners Kiki when he spots her walking down the hall. She's jumpy so he offers her some 'TLC', starts hugging her and grabbing her posterior. Kiki jumps across the hallway squealing. Tracy returns and shows off her ring. Kiki runs.

Patrick, Emma and Anna are having breakfast at Kelly's. Anna is worried to hear that Robin has not been in touch. The cop offers to help as much as she can. "That's meaningless," he says, pointing out she has no power over her daughter. The doctor apologizes for being curt. Anna doesn't understand any of this. She leaves for work. Emma shows her dad the egg Spencer gave her. When he hears it's from Victor, Patrick demands she hand it over. After she refuses, he grabs it and smashes it on the floor. Emma cries. Her father apologizes. "Now I don't have a mommy or an egg," she weeps. He hugs her and she asks for a puppy. Monica calls him. Spencer wanders in and asks Emma to be his guest at a private party.

Carlos calls Ava at her place and assures her that he didn't rat her out to Julian. Morgan shows up and she gets off the phone. He flatly asks her if she was involved in the shooting. She changes the topic by getting gooey. Morgan tells her that Anna has been asking questions and wants to take her down. Anna and Dante start banging on the door. Ava answers and gives them her New York alibis. They question her about the attack on AJ last month. She's evasive until they leave.

Dante and Anna drop by Kelly's and discuss the Ava situation. He thinks they are out of suspects. She thinks they may have one if they can track down who made the previous attack. Carlos just happens to be sitting two feet away as they have this conversation.

Ava sneaks into AJ's hospital room.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam has a new suspect.

Morgan finds Kiki in a strange position.

Shawn has an unexpected run-in.

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