GH Recap: Antique Burlesque Routine.

Friday, March 7th, 2014

Alexis asks Ric to be Julian's lawyer, Luke flies off the handle at Monica, and Anna questions Morgan.

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Tracy gets a closer look at her engagement ring at the Quartermaine mansion, smiling. She admits to Luke she had it appraised while he was sleeping. He gives her a little sugar and Monica tells them to take their act to the adult Cabaret on Monroe Street. "You mean where you do your antique burlesque routine, Madame Monica?" Monica apologizes. She's been up all night looking for AJ. She's worried but Luke says he's probably on a bender. He changes the subject and tells Monica he's marrying Tracy. Monica wonders why, considering the first two marriages didn't end well. "He's still after your money," Monica argues. Luke goes off on her for having a revolving door for Rick Webber and anyone else available. Tracy's jaw drops as Luke blows his stack.

Michael sits at AJ's bedside at General Hospital, promising him he'll be okay. They'll find whoever did this. Liz comforts him. AJ's a fighter. Carly arrives and takes Michael for food while Liz sits with AJ and rubs his hands. She's sorry she didn't stand by him longer. In the waiting room, Carly tries to raise Michael's spirits. Have they any suspects? He tells her AJ was found at Ava's and earlier he was the victim of a break-in. Michael calls Monica to relay the bad news and Liz talks to Carly about Ric's visit. Carly can't believe he showed his face around here but Liz doesn't think either of them should throw stones. Carly just wants Liz to be careful.

At the office, Sonny flashes to shooting AJ and cringes. Shawn interrupts. They've had no trouble from Anna yet and have brought Morgan in for questioning. Shawn asks if Sonny wants to finish off AJ. Sonny wonders if they've time and is surprised the cops have Julian in custody. They chuckle, knowing Julian would be left holding the bag. Duke turns up and since he was working alone last night, Sonny asks him to be his alibi. Shawn leaves them alone and Sonny reminds him this will help take down their enemy. Duke doesn't like lying to Anna.

At Port Charles PD, Anna rushes ballistics. They've only 36 hours to hold Julian Jerome before they have to either charge him or let him go. A cop brings in Morgan. She thinks Morgan may know who shot AJ and accuses Ava of the crime. Morgan defends her and shows Anna a text from Ava saying she's stuck in New York City. Anna calls it inconclusive. What about Sonny? Morgan can't speak for him so she lets him go. Meanwhile, Julian paces his cell. Carlos arrives and Julian asks him to find out who shot AJ. He suspects Ava and wants Carlos to get the truth from her.

At home, Alexis catches up with Ric. He saw Sonny and heard Julian Jerome fathered one of her kids. She asks if he knows Julian but he claims he doesn't. They argue about their dysfunctional family and she asks him to be Julian's lawyer. He questions her and she explains AJ's shooting. After a lot of back and forth, he finally agrees to it. On his way out he tells her Molly asked to come live with him. He said yes! He runs away before Alexis can respond. She rushes to call Molly, in tears.

Back at the Q estate, Monica's upset over Michael's call and leaves to see AJ. Luke tells her, "Yeah you be careful now, don't let no buses hit ya." Tracy gapes. He shrugs. Monica deserved it. Tracy's shocked and wonders what has gotten into him. While he thinks he gave as good as he got, Tracy has never seen him take things this far. "What on earth did they do to you at Miscavige?" she asks.

Ric visits Julian in his cell at the cop shop.

Anna turns up at Sonny's office and finds Duke alone. She asks if he knows where Sonny was last night.

Sonny arrives to the hospital and finds Carly outside AJ's room. She accuses him of shooting AJ.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly confronts Sonny.

When Anna has questions for Morgan about AJ’s shooting, Morgan has his own opinion about the guilty person.

Duke admits to Anna information about one of the suspects.

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