GH Recap: Out Of Control Prude.

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Luke proposes, Molly gets an idea, AJ struggles for his life and Sonny tries to cover things up.

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At home, Alexis is in panic mode. Molly arrives and taunts her mom by claiming that she was just having sex with TJ. She was actually being tutored. Her mom is still miffed. They get into a livid argument. Daughter accuses mother of being an 'out of control prude'. Molly wonders what is really going on with her mom. Alexis cringes as she thinks about Julian but then gives Molly a pat response about just being a concerned mom.

At Kelly's, TJ complains to Shawn about never seeing Molly. Shawn tells him about his run-in with Julian and Alexis. He can't understand how Alexis can claim to have 'high flying ethics' when she's hooking up with Jerome.

At the Quartermaines, Luke tells Tracy she needs to sit down. She's confused because he's not calling her 'Spanky'. He whips out a ring and drops to his knee. Tracy stutters but he won't stop. She tries to look away as he proposes. "Until death do us part or one of kills the other," he says. Tracy turns him down. Connubial bliss doesn't work for them. Luke claims that he has never fallen out of love with her. He never wants to let her go. She can't understand his timing. While in the mental hospital, he realized that he needs her. As Tracy eats candy, he tells her tries proposing again. Eventually, she agrees and slips the ring on. He promises she won't be sorry this time and they kiss.

Sonny arrives at his office. He's on the phone to Ava, worrying that AJ won't kick the bucket. Morgan shows up in a panic since he hasn't heard from his ladyfriend. He tells his dad about AJ being taken to the hospital and wonders if he had anything to do with this. Sonny insists he wouldn't do anything to hurt Michael. After Morgan heads out, Shawn arrives and Sonny fills him in. He asks for an alibi but Shawn won't give him one since he was already seen at Kelly's. After promising to find his boss an alibi, he warns him that AJ better not wake up. Sonny is not afraid of going to jail, but he sobs about breaking a promise to his son. "I messed up in the worst possible way," Sonny says, fearing that he'll lose Michael over this.

Anna has Julian brought into her office. She questions him about AJ's shooting and demands an alibi. He can't share the details and wants to call a lawyer. That sounds like guilty talk to her. She leaves him to it and he calls Alexis over. When she arrives, he explains the situation. The lawyer agrees to help but wants his alibi. Since she won't offer confidentiality, he won't speak. They wrangle about it and she suggests that he get Ric to represent him.

AJ is wheeled into the hospital operating room. Patrick and Felix wonder if they should stop trying to keep his heart going. Michael runs in and begs the doctors to keep trying. They get the heart rhythm back and send Michael out. Ric and Liz watch. He wonders why she even cares about AJ. She recaps the long story. She's still not sure if AJ really shot Connie. Across the hall, Morgan arrives and Michael cries on his shoulder. Michael seems confused when his brother tells him how he heard about all of this. AJ is wheeled out on the way to surgery. Michael asks who did this to him. AJ can't talk.

TJ goes to see Molly at her place. They complain about her mom. Molly is determined that they will be together. She mentions that her mom is not her only parent in Port Charles anymore and fills him in about Ric's return. TJ warns that her mom will implode if she moves out. "So?" asks Molly. She calls her dad and asks if she can move in with him.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

AJ faces a threat in his hospital room.

Someone from Silas' past pays him a visit.

Sam has a new suspect in Nina's case.

Sonny worries about Michael.

Shawn gets a shock.

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