GH Recap: Make Your Peace.

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

Robin and Patrick say their final goodbyes, Liesl accuses Anna of killing Cesar, and Sonny takes action when he catches AJ choking Ava.

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Liesl storms into Anna’s office with Victor’s binder, demanding she pay for what she did to Cesar. Anna opens the file, reads a bit and asks Liesl how she got it. "Wouldn’t you like to know?" The file says Cesar’s last known whereabouts were with Anna and Robert on Spoon Island. Anna tells Liesl they transferred Cesar to a different facility but Liesl accuses her of lying. "You killed Cesar, didn’t you?" Anna turns away and tears up as Liesl imagines Cesar’s last moments. She demands Anna confess, so Anna lays out a few different possible execution scenarios, but won’t admit to anything. She wonders how it feels not knowing if her loved one is alive or not? Liesl takes comfort that Robin is lost to Anna too, maybe this time forever. Anna demands to know what Liesl knows but Liesl refuses. Alone, Anna screams.

Victor comes by Robin’s house to collect her. Patrick accuses Victor of playing on Robin’s emotions and wants to know this isn’t a trick. Victor doesn’t care if Patrick believes it or not. What matters is what Robin believes. Patrick knows Robin would do anything for the people she loves. That’s why he loves her. Victor thinks long goodbyes add to the pain, but Robin insists on saying goodbye to Emma. She leaves Patrick alone with Victor. Patrick tells Victor he’s responsible for bringing Robin home healthy and whole. If not, he will hunt him down. Victor understands and waits outside while Patrick and Robin tearfully say their last goodbyes. He’s scared he’ll forget how to love her. Robin promises she’ll return, then walks out the door into the night.

Michael finds Monica hanging one of Heather’s sandwich paintings at the Quartermaine estate, a gift from Leslie Webber. Michael thinks Leslie is having fun with her and tells her the artist is Heather Webber. "You can always re-gift," he says. Michael tells Monica about the break-in and AJ’s belief that someone wants him dead. AJ thinks it’s Sonny, but Sonny gave Michael his word he wouldn’t hurt AJ. Michael wishes there was something that could make Sonny and AJ let go of this hatred. Monica doesn’t believe it’s possible. Neither of them believes AJ killed Connie. They both worry about AJ’s drinking and hope he doesn’t cross paths with Sonny.

Shawn tells Sonny in his office that AJ was at Ava’s, and Sonny tells Shawn about the attempt on AJ’s life. Sonny also saw AJ and Ava together in the office and thinks it has to do with Connie. Ava told Sonny that AJ had no remorse about killing Connie and Sonny has yet to ask her what she meant. Sonny decides to go see Ava. Shawn wants to come with but Sonny refuses. Shawn asks Sonny to leave his gun behind in case he is tempted to shoot AJ so Sonny leaves it on the table.

At home, Ava has her gun on AJ and tells him it’s the end of the line. He wants to know why she killed Connie and she blames him for stumbling out of the office with the gun. It made her think Julian was in trouble and she called out for him. Connie realized the truth and Ava had to take her out. AJ begs for his life and Ava emotionally tells him she tried to keep him alive but he remembered the truth. He urges her to think of Michael and Kiki but she is more concerned about Sonny’s retaliation if he finds out the truth. She says goodbye and pulls the trigger, but it jams. They start to physically fight and AJ gets his hand around her neck and up against the wall. Sonny walks in on the violent choking. He sees the gun on the ground, picks it up and demands AJ release Ava. AJ begs Sonny to listen, he didn’t kill Connie, but Sonny fires anyway.

In New York, Silas walks around the facility until he finds Nina’s room. The woman from the front desk tries to stop him but he pushes himself inside. "What the hell is this?" he demands. The room is empty. Sam enters and the woman demands they leave immediately. Sam refuses to leave without answers and she and Silas start looking around. Silas demands to know if Nina is dead. She refuses to answer and threatens to have them arrested. Sam agrees to leave, but tells Silas they’ll find his wife one way or the other. Meanwhile, Victor shows Robin around. She refuses to begin work until she sees Jason. He takes her to the same room Silas and Sam just left and the woman agrees to take them to see the patient. Victor lets Robin take a look. "It really is you," she says.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Julian thinks someone took a big chance coming back to Port Charles.

Nathan tells Anna that Dr. Clay has killed again.

Silas thinks Nina is dead.

Tracy demands to know what’s wrong with Luke.

Ric visits Elizabeth.

Michael worries about AJ.

Ava asks Sonny if AJ is dead.

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