GH Recap: Worlds Colliding.

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

AJ confronts Ava, Silas and Sam sneak around, and Robin continues to say goodbye to her family.

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At the hospital, some woman tearfully thanks Dr. Obrecht for helping to save her husband. After the doctor dismisses her in disdain, Victor saunters over to dole out some compliments. He explains he's leaving town with Robin. They talk wistfully of the weather machine and he pulls out a file on Cesar. She can't have it unless she agrees to leave with him. "We had something once," he reminds her. Obrecht turns down his appeals but still wants the file. Victor doesn't approve of her making such a foolish choice... but he loves her and requests a kiss goodbye. They share one and he hands her the file.

Silas is at the clinic to visit his wife. The lady at the desk won't let him in. He's on a 'do not admit' list. Silas begins arguing with her. An alarm goes off and the lady leaves. Sam pops up and she and the doctor sneak around the halls. Security guards appear and try to stop them. Silas and Sam clobber them. He heads to the third floor and finds his wife's room.

At his office, Sonny gives Dante his word that he did not go after AJ, as much as he'd like to. After Dante departs, Michael shows up, looking for his bio dad. He wonders if Sonny knows anything about the attack on AJ. Sonny assures him that he had nothing to do with it and warns him about how dangerous AJ can be. Michael tells him about his father's returning, if vague, memories. This isn't convincing to Sonny.

Anna sits in her office and mulls over what Robin told her. Duke arrives as she blows her nose. She cries and tells him Robin is leaving. She's sure there is more going on than her daughter is letting on. He tries to comfort her until Dante interrupts. Duke takes off and the cops discuss the attempted hit on AJ. Dante leaves when Duke returns. The commissioner questions him about Sonny putting out the hit. This leads to a debate about their 'worlds colliding'. He leaves her crying. Obrecht storms in and declares that she knows what Anna did to Cesar.

When Robin gets home, Patrick and Emma jump up and yell surprise. They give her pink cake, bug spray and some joke store trinkets. Emma hands her a family picture. Robin says she'll never forget them. Patrick fidgets through all the mother-daughter bonding. Emma goes up to her room. Patrick doesn't want his wife to go but he won't stop her. Robin tears up as she talks about how grateful she is for every second they have together. Victor interrupts and announces it's time to go.

AJ shows up at Ava's door. He confronts her for killing Connie. She tries to shut the door on his face. He pushes his way in. They rehash. He yelps that he knows what happened. She thinks he's trying to shift the blame. AJ doesn't buy that and accuses her of protecting herself. Ava sips a martini and claims she can prove he's the killer. She reminds him his prints were on the gun, not hers. He accuses her of getting his prints while he was plastered and passed out. He's sure that Connie messed up her plans for ELQ. When he threatens to go to the cops, she pulls out a gun. He gulps.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

AJ is shot.

Obrecht confronts Anna.

Victor tells Patrick to stay hopeful.

Sam and Silas are shocked by what they find.

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