GH Recap: Man Of Wealth And Taste.

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Another Cassadine appears in Port Charles, Kiki visits Heather at the mental hospital, and Franco recognizes the knife as the one he used to stab Heather.

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Emma goes to work with Patrick at the hospital. Obrecht immediately reprimands them and suggests Patrick leave her at home. Sabrina arrives a bit late and is also reprimanded. Obrecht says something about her pregnancy and assumes Patrick is the father. Emma asks if it’s true, so Sabrina pulls her aside while Patrick reams Obrecht out. He wonders why the WSB ever let her loose and she tells him she gave them the most valuable tool of all – information. Meanwhile, Britt and Liz ride the elevator in together. Britt is soaking wet and accuses Liz of pushing her because she’s jealous. Liz agrees that she doesn’t think Britt is good enough for Nikolas, but thinks Britt will destroy that relationship all on her own. Obrecht tells Britt about Sabrina's pregnancy and rubs in the fact it isn’t Patrick’s. Britt isn’t sure what to say and Patrick walks off. Britt wonders if it was necessary to rub that in Patrick’s nose. Obrecht thought she would be more grateful considering there is a much more salacious baby story she could tell – the fact Britt’s baby is really Dante and Lulu’s. Meanwhile, Sabrina tells Emma that her friend Carlos is the baby’s father. Emma thinks maybe he can help with the chupacabra since they are from Puerto Rico. She bends down to get something and Liz rushes in. Before Sabrina can stop her she blurts out that she wants to tell Patrick the baby is his.

Robin is instructed to sit down by the thugs in her house. A man enters and introduces himself as Victor Cassadine. He was in custody for some time, but his great-nephew is Nikolas, whose grandfather Nikolas was his brother. Victor is the new WSB director, and Obrecht gave him very valuable information. Helena and Stavros are being preserved on Cassadine Island, and he wants Robin to bring them back.

The desk worker at Miscavige is reading a magazine article about AJ getting away with Connie’s murder when Kiki arrives. She tries to gain access to Heather by saying Franco is her father. The woman recognizes Kiki from the story about her not being a Quartermaine. Kiki cries and tells her they are suing the press for lying. Kiki again asks to see her granny, and Kelly tells an orderly to take her to see Heather. He is agitated, but does what he’s asked. He leads Kiki to the padded cell and tells her to go inside. Kiki says hi to the back of someone’s head and the orderly tells her that Heather is catatonic. Later, the orderly looks in on the patient. It’s actually Luke, drugged up, wearing a wig and a straight jacket.

At PCPD, Anna and Dante pull out the knife and tell Franco they found it by Carly’s car, covered in her blood and his fingerprints. Franco can’t explain why. They urge him to take a closer look and he recognizes the knife from stabbing Heather. He refuses to talk until Diane arrives. Anna leaves him alone with Dante who thinks Carly’s family deserves to know what happened. Outside, Tracy shows up and tells Anna she thinks Luke’s been kidnapped. Anna isn’t alarmed, but Tracy is insistent. Kiki barges in and asks to see Franco. Dante is miffed that she wants anything to do with him, but lets her in. Kiki tells Franco Heather is in a catatonic state, locked safely away in her cell.

In the Wyndemere stables, Heather gags Carly. Outside, Spencer and Cameron get ready to slay the chupacabra. They interrupt Heather, who tells them she just caught the chupacabra. They hear Carly moaning under a blanket and ask to see it. Heather tells them it’s too frightening and Spencer agrees they don’t have to see it to kill it. Heather thinks that’s a great idea and asks which one of them is brave enough. Spencer steps forward and Heather pulls out a large knife. Spencer takes the knife and walks over to Carly, but he can’t do it and runs off. Heather gives Cameron one more chance, but he runs off too. Inside, Nikolas reads about chupacabra online and is totally freaked out when Lulu walks in. She’s there to thank Britt for encouraging her to patch things up with Dante. Lulu is excited to go home, but worried about how empty it will feel without the baby. Ben starts crying and Nikolas thinks maybe he misses his mommy. Ben stops crying when Lulu holds him and Nikolas says she has the magic touch. The boys rush in and tell them there is a chupacabra. They beg Nikolas to go to the stables. He heads out and Lulu stays with Ben. She sees something on the baby that alarms her.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nathan wants to smooth things over with Dante.

Emma asks who the baby’s father really is.

Patrick wonders why Britt would think she could lose Ben.

Robin demands a reason why she should help Victor.

Franco admits he murdered Heather to Kiki.

Nikolas takes Heather’s knife and she needs it back.

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