GH Recap: Going To Get Messy.

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Morgan begs Sonny for forgiveness, Lulu admits to Nathan that she wants to go home, and Duke won’t stop working for Sonny.

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At the station, Sam tells Dante that Silas was arrested by his idiot partner. Dante didn’t think there was enough evidence and Sam admits she scared it up herself trying to help. Now Nathan is probably off somewhere celebrating. Dante can’t help because Nathan brought the case with him from New York. Sam comments that he must be dying to get home to Lulu. Dante reveals that Lulu left him because she blames him for losing baby Connie. Sam knows how painful it is to lose a child and tells Dante to hang in there – Lulu will come home. She invites him to come to Kelly’s with her for a BLT but he hangs back to work. Meanwhile, Duke brings ribs to Anna for lunch. She knows about his work for Sonny and accuses Duke of playing her for a fool. He angrily admits that he’s working for Sonny. Can’t she understand he would do anything to protect her? Anna is livid - she told Duke to let her handle Julian. Duke’s through with being rescued by Anna. He wants to have his power back instead of being controlled. She begs him to stop working for Sonny. Duke loves Anna, but he’ll keep working for Sonny until Julian is no longer a threat.

At Kelly’s, TJ and Molly realize Rafe is the one who ratted TJ out to Anna, and he admits it. Molly can’t believe he would risk TJ’s life like that. TJ accuses him of trying to get TJ out of the picture. Rafe admits he did it because he wants to be with Molly. He apologizes and tells TJ he’s glad nothing happened to him. Rafe wants to forget this ever happened. Molly thinks Rafe has changed and won’t go back to how they were. Rafe runs off. Sam shows up looking for Rafe and fills Molly and TJ in on Silas’ arrest.

Nathan talks up his arrest on the phone to someone at the Floating Rib. Lulu arrives and recommends the ribs. He offers to buy her a drink while she waits for her order. "Why not?" she asks. She finally admits that Dante is her husband and they are in a bad place right now. He assumes Dante cheated. She corrects him – she blamed Dante for something that wasn’t his fault. Nathan encourages her to go home. She wants to, but something is holding her back. She has failed Dante and is worried she can never go home. She loves Dante so much and hates being away from him. Nathan holds her as she cries. He knows a thing or two about losing someone and promises it will get better. Dante walks in and sees them looking intimate.

At home, Sonny asks Morgan how he could betray his own dad like this. He wanted to trust Morgan and it made him sick to have to test his own son’s loyalty. Morgan tells him he had no choice. Julian threatened his mom and Michael so he had to do this to keep the family safe. Morgan begs Sonny to forgive him. Sonny will fix everything. From now on though, Morgan has to be done with Julian, and done with Ava too. Morgan says Ava has nothing to do with business and what they have is real. Sonny doesn’t buy it. In order for them to be a family Morgan has to let Ava go. Morgan begs Sonny not to make him choose.

In her room, Ava trains her gun on Julian, livid about his threat to Morgan and his loved ones. He accuses Ava of going soft and asks her to put the gun down - he knows she means business after shooting Olivia. He is surprised however, about what she’s doing to her true love Silas. Julian ran into Sam at the station after they arrested Silas, and according to her, Ava is framing him for Nina’s murder. Ava finds it laughable that Julian believes Sam over her. She accuses him of wanting to be Sam’s hero, but Ava won’t give him what he needs to buy his way into his new family. He points out she isn’t denying she did it. Ava turns the topic back to Morgan. If Julian hurts him in any way he has to deal with her. He asks where Morgan is and she tells him that he went to see Sonny, unarmed. Julian points out there are only two outcomes – Sonny kills Morgan, or Sonny takes Morgan back and comes after the two of them. Either way, it’s the end for Ava and Morgan. She’s sure Morgan would turn his back on his father rather than leave her. Just then Ava gets a text from Morgan breaking it off with her.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Chandra Wilson meets Franco.

Naked in bed, Scott urges Lucy to end her marriage.

Alexis and Julian kiss.

Dante pulls Nathan off of Lulu.

Anna tells Robert that Duke is after Julian.

Duke assures Sonny of his commitment.

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