GH Recap: Keep Up Pretenses.

Monday, January 27th, 2014

Nathan holds Silas at the station, TJ realizes Rafe ratted him out, and Julian tells Anna that Duke has been working for Sonny.

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Lucy ices Scott’s face in his hotel room after Mac punched him. She realizes Felicia told and frets that Mac will tell Kevin everything. Scott doesn’t think so. He tells Lucy he won’t stop seeing her.

Nathan arrests Silas outside Kelly’s. Rafe approaches and Sam stops him from going with Silas and urges Rafe to stay at Kelly’s. She promises him everything will be okay and leaves with Silas. Molly shows up and Rafe tells her about Silas’ arrest. He is worried about who he’ll live with if Silas is in jail. He wishes he knew the charges, and TJ chimes in that it could be murder considering his brother was a serial killer. Molly is appalled and Rafe tells TJ his family isn’t perfect either. Didn’t Shawn accidentally shoot his dad and is now a hit man? Rafe knows they were both at the shootout and TJ demands to know how he knows about that. TJ realizes Rafe is the one who told Anna he was there.

Julian warns Morgan in his room that Sonny might be angry enough to kill him, and he’s already shot Dante and Michael. "Looks like it’s your turn kid," he says. Julian thinks Sonny wants payback at any price. For instance, Julian is mad enough to kill Duke. He was always a coward hiding behind his police commissioner girlfriend and Duke has to pay. When Julian leaves, Morgan tells Ava that he wanted to quit, but Julian threatened his family. Morgan leaves to see Sonny, but refuses the gun Ava tries to hand him. He won’t hurt anyone else. They express their love and kiss goodbye.

At home, Sonny furiously tells Olivia that Morgan is a traitor who never stopped working for Julian. She tries to explain how hard sibling rivalry can be. Sonny tells her it doesn’t matter who Morgan is – what he did can’t be tolerated. She urges him to sleep on it. He wonders what he would do without her and she hopes they don’t have to find out. She leaves for work. Soon, Morgan arrives.

Duke pops by the police station to take Anna to lunch, but she’s too busy. After he tells her he didn’t hear back from Nikolas about the job, she busts him in his lie. She knows he wasn’t at Wyndemere. He admits he’s been embarrassed to tell her how poor his job prospects are. She knows he is only out of work because he quit working for Derek - he has too much integrity to work for a mobster. He leaves. Scott arrives and asks if Anna’s brought in Franco yet. Anna blames him for dragging his heels and now Franco is on the run. He wonders if she’s ever going to catch any criminals. Nathan brings Silas in. Sam insists they use Alexis instead of Diane so he doesn’t look guilty. Meanwhile, Nathan fills Anna and Scott in on the new testimony by the pharmacist. Anna asks Scott if it’s enough for an indictment. He tells them there isn’t enough hard evidence and gives Nathan 48 hours to get something more concrete. Meanwhile, Julian arrives and tells Anna he wants to press charges against Duke for assault. Apparently it's part of his new job working for Sonny. She calls him a liar, but then realizes it’s true. Julian decides not to press charges. On his way out Sam begs Julian to get Ava to admit she’s framing Silas.

Mac returns to The Floating Rib with a sore fist. Felicia ices his hand and worries Scott might press charges, but Mac doesn’t care. He calls Scott a smarmy home wrecker and wants to tell Kevin all about it. Later, Lucy goes by the Rib and confronts Felicia for telling Mac. Felicia didn’t mean to break her confidence but Mac saw it on her face. Felicia asks if Lucy slept with Scott again and Lucy tells her she hasn't, but there is an attraction there. Meanwhile, Duke sidles up to the bar and orders lunch for him and Anna. With Mac, he worries that sometimes you hurt the people you love the most. Mac spots Lucy and she tells him the thing with Scott was one time only and appeals to him not to tell Kevin. She tells them she is going home to Kevin right now and leaves.

Lucy goes back to Scott’s room to let him know they are over. He pulls her inside and they start to kiss.

Duke brings lunch back to the station for Anna and she invites him into her office for a chat.

Julian returns to his room and tells Ava ratting out Duke wasn’t as satisfying as he hoped. She pulls a gun on him and tells him he threatened Morgan’s family, now she’s threatening hers.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Dante tells Sam that Lulu left him.

Nathan asks Lulu out for a drink.

Molly accuses Rafe of going to the police with information he overheard.

Anna tells Duke she knows he works for Sonny.

Ava holds a gun on Julian and tells him it will look like self-defense.

Sonny is done with Morgan.

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