GH Recap: A Matter Of Perception.

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Lucy and Scott hit the sheets again, Felix looks forward to his date with Brad, and Sam’s witness tells her and Nathan that Silas was the one who filled the liquid prescription.

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Mac joins Felicia at the Floating Rib and suggests a double date with Kevin and Lucy now that they are back on track. She thinks Kevin and Lucy might need a little more work. He badgers her about what she knows and she tells him Lucy slept with Scott. She begs him to keep out of it and promises Lucy is done with Scott.

Lucy visits Scott in his hotel room, demanding to know why he sacrificed Franco to boost his own career. Maybe he isn’t the man she thought he was. He tells her Anna forced his hand. He believes there are other suspects, like Ava. He wishes there was more to do for Franco, but he’s on his own. And so is he. Lucy gets close and tells Scott he isn’t alone. She admits she can’t stop thinking about him. He urges her not to fight it and they have sex. Later, she can’t believe she did it again. She's upset she is reverting back to the old Lucy, but she wants to be with Scott and doesn’t know what she’s going to do. Mac pounds on the door and demands to talk to Scott. He punches Scott in the face when he opens the door and warns him to stay away from Lucy.

Lucas finds Brad at the hospital and lays a big kiss on him. Brad is a bit aloof, and Lucas apologizes for coming on too strong. He really feels a connection with Brad and they flash back to their night before at the Rib. Brad told him his bio-dad was an Asian gangster and Lucas knew exactly what he is going through. Lucas is amazed at how much they have in common. Meanwhile, Felix won’t let anything stop his bad mood in anticipation of his date with Brad. Silas asks him to dial it down a notch. Felix suggests Silas’ personality had something to do with the board choosing a criminal over him. Later Felix walks in on Brad and Lucas talking to confirm their date. He leaves quickly and Lucas realizes he is the guy Brad has been pining over. Lucas was hoping for a repeat tonight but can see Brad has other plans. Brad didn’t mean for this to happen, but Lucas is confident he still has a shot.

Sam meets with the pharmacist at Kelly’s and shows him a picture of Ava. When Nathan arrives she leads him over to the table and introduces him to the pharmacist as well. He tells Nathan and Sam that he filled many prescriptions for Silas. He also recognizes Ava from the hospital, but he never filled a prescription for her – just Silas. Silas joins them. He learns the pharmacist recognizes him as the one who filled the liquid prescription – he remembers very clearly, especially after he heard what had happened to Nina. Silas thinks this is some kind of set up and demands to know what Nathan gets out of this. Sam asks the pharmacist why he never called the cops and he tells them he didn’t want to get involved. Silas calls him a liar and Nathan arrests him.

Julian pulls a gun on Duke at the pier and tells him he knows all about their plans. Shawn pulls a gun on Julian from behind and takes his gun. Sonny emerges and tells Julian this might be his last mistake. Sonny won’t shoot him because of Danny, but he wants a little payback. He offers first dibs to Duke, and Duke starts punching Julian while Shawn holds him.

At home, Ava offers Morgan something to take the edge off. He’s feeling guilty that he gave Julian the info to kill Duke. She tells him this protects Julian, who is protecting her and Morgan too, as well as Carlos. This business can be good if Morgan can learn how to eliminate problems. She reminds him that he knew what he was getting into when he volunteered to work for Julian. He takes her hands and tells her he has something to say, but they are interrupted by a beat-up Julian. He tells them it was a setup –Sonny was expecting Julian. They realize Sonny is onto Morgan. Julian accuses Morgan of doing a bad job of convincing his father. Either Sonny discovered Morgan’s a traitor – or Julian did. He asks Morgan if he was in on it. Ava tells him Sonny just outmaneuvered him. Julian thinks the person who should be worried about Sonny is Morgan.

Back at the pier Sonny is livid Morgan is still working for Julian. He wasn’t sure before, but now he is. It breaks his heart that Morgan doesn’t have an ounce of love left for him. Duke asks him what he’s going to do about it.

Monday’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Silas tells Sam he didn’t do it.

TJ considers Silas is a murderer like Rafe’s dad.

Nathan tells Anna it all adds up to attempted murder.

Felicia questions Lucy about her fidelity.

Duke tells Mac he isn’t a stand-up guy. Mac wonders what Duke did.

Julian wants Duke to pay.

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