GH Recap: Three Completely Unsuitable Men.

Monday, January 20th, 2014

Sonny tells Alexis that he plans to take care of Julian, Luke finds Carly at the boathouse, and the Chief of Staff position is announced.

GH Recap: Three Completely Unsuitable Men. image

At the hospital, Felix asks Sabrina to stop giving him the silent treatment. He apologizes for revealing to Patrick that she was pregnant. As he reiterates that it’s Patrick’s baby, Patrick and Robin walk up but don’t overhear. Patrick thinks that Robin will be offered the chief of staff position. As they leave, Felix curiously demands answers about why she hasn't told Patrick that he's the baby's father. Sabrina exclaims that it’s her decision and asks Felix to go along with her lies. Felix promises that nobody will hear from him that Patrick is really the father of Sabrina’s baby. In the hallway, Britt runs into Silas, and they speak of the chief of staff position. Meanwhile, in the meeting room, Patrick tells Robin that he’s sorry about the baby drama. Robin hopes that Felix will stop bugging Patrick now. Silas and Britt arrive and ponder how one of those in the room will soon be named chief of staff. Monica enters. The 'board member guy', as Silas puts it, enters. He would like to have Monica back, but announces that the final choice for the position is... Britt assumes it’s her, but Liesl Obrecht enters and announces that it’s her. 

Lucas runs into Sam outside the coffee shop. Julian approaches and reveals that he needs to speak to his daughter, referring to Sam. Lucas announces that he is Julian’s son. An overwhelmed Julian expresses his desire to get to know Lucas. Lucas rejects Julian’s offer for a hug and leaves. Sam tells Julian that she thinks he’s scum and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him for refusing to help her son. 

Silas knocks on the door to Michael’s apartment. He mentions that he wants to talk about his wife. Kiki starts to congratulate him on marrying Sam, but he explains that he’s married to someone else. Silas explains how his wife has been in a coma for over 20 years. He asks if they could talk later. She thanks him for coming over. Abruptly after he leaves, Franco shows up and asks Kiki to hide him. Michael arrives as Franco quickly hides in the next room. After a slight hesitation, Kiki opens the door for Michael. Michael tells Kiki about how the knife found on the scene with his mom’s blood has Franco’s prints. Michael fumes about how his mom convinced herself that she would be safe with Franco, then apologizes to Kiki. She says that there is something that she needs to tell him.

At the Quartermaine’s, Tracy complains to Monica that she’s reduced to reading the news online, then she suggests that they go to the boathouse. Monica explains that she expects to soon be reinstated as chief of staff and must be going. Tracy wonders aloud what’s going on at the boathouse and says that she has to go down there.

At the boathouse, Luke sees Carly tied up. He rushes to undo her gag and Carly says that it is not Franco who did this; she confesses that Heather Webber did it. Heather returns and pulls a gun on both of them. Luke tells Heather that it’s a bad habit she has, tying people up in abandoned shacks. When Luke grabs a club, Heather tells him, if she has to shoot him, she will. He wrangles the gun out of her hands with the club. Two men show up and knock Luke out. Carly screams for Luke to wake up and asks a now triumphant Heather who these men are. Later, Tracy bangs on the door to the boathouse, then she enters and finds it wrecked and empty.

At the station, Michael explains to Anna that the blood on the knife does not mean that his mother is dead. Anna says that she is thankful to him for applying the necessary pressure, and that the warrant shouldn’t take long. Scott speaks in frustration about how Anna should not jump to conclusions but reluctantly tells Anna to go arrest his son, Franco. Later, Anna returns to the station without Franco and receives a phone call.

At Carlos’ place, Alexis announces that she is happy to do anything for him regarding his legitimate business but wants nothing to do with other goings-on. Carlos figures out that Julian is asking her to take sides. Out of all three completely unsuitable men that got her pregnant, Alexis reveals that Sonny is not the worst. She then says that she doesn’t want to have the inappropriate conversation again and starts to exit when Sonny reveals that he is going to take care of Julian. She leaves.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Kiki confronts Franco.

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