GH Recap: Confront The Beast.

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Tracy puts Luke on raccoon reconnaissance duty, Anna pressures Scott Baldwin, and Olivia has a surprise for Julian.

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Luke asks Bobbie how she's holding up when Lucas arrives at Carly's. He wants to see her in person to yell at her for causing Bobbie so much trouble. Bobbie assures him they have things under control and encourages him to go back to Seattle. He's confused about her not wanting him there. Luke saves Bobbie by joking she's running on fumes under the circumstances. Lucas goes to get settled and Luke talks to Bobbie about telling him the truth about his father. Lucas overhears and asks, "Tell me what?" Luke leaves but Bobbie can't bring herself to tell Lucas about Julian. He decides to get her food and hopes what she has to tell him can wait till he gets back.

At the Quartermaine's, AJ thinks Tracy wants him to put down his drink when she says, "Put it down," after he added vodka to his orange juice, but it's her newspaper she wants. He jokes that the raccoon he thinks is living in the boathouse took her paper and she suggests he go confront the beast. They argue until Michael arrives and Tracy asks him to help his aunt with a rodent problem. AJ gets angry with her for bothering Michael and she rushes out yelling, "Alice." In the boathouse, Heather's surprised Franco hasn't been arrested yet after spoon-feeding the PCPD all the evidence. She throws down Tracy's newspaper angrily. Carly thinks Heather should cut her losses and let her go. Heather considers she could, but asks, "Where's the fun in that?" She decides to use Michael to get a new lead to the police and calls him claiming to be an employee who knows about the knife with Franco's fingerprints. After, Heather's tired of the Quartermaines lurking about and believes it's time to relocate. Back inside the house, Michael leaves and AJ pours another drink. He has a flashback and remembers asking, "Who's there?" by the Crimson elevator. He asks himself, "Is it real?" Tracy interrupts asking him to snap out it while trying to give him a net. AJ leaves Tracy as Luke arrives and she asks him to take care of the raccoon instead. He finally agrees to be put on raccoon reconnaissance after her badgering. Tracy finds AJ alone again later as he tries to remember what happened the night Connie died. Meanwhile, Luke opens the boathouse door to catch a raccoon and finds Carly bound and gagged.

At the Metro Court, Julian wants Ava to take point on the next step with Corinthos so he can find Lucas in Seattle. They step off the elevator and find Sonny in Julian's office. He announces Julian's lease has been terminated. He asks Olivia what kind of a game she's playing when she joins them. She explains as part owner she has the authority to enforce the lease. The hotel staff wheels Julian's bags in as Olivia tells him to find a new place to live. Julian says, "This isn't over," as security escorts him out. Sonny says, "We're done here," but Ava doesn't think they are. She thinks they should try to be civil, but he doesn't agree and is glad Morgan kicked her to the curb. Ava warns he shouldn't be so pleased, Carly's still missing. Sonny knows she'll be found but Ava reminds him Connie's killer is still on the loose.

Outside Kelly's, Franco leaves Kiki a message of thanks for believing in him. Inside, Silas thanks Sam for believing in him as well. He's surprised she's eager to prove his innocence when he thinks she should hate him. Franco interrupts and offers Sam a job to find Carly. Silas agrees Franco could be right about Carly being in danger but Sam thinks the police are handling it. Franco leaves upset. Alone, Silas thinks there's no way of telling what Ava's capable of if she tried to kill Nina. Later, Julian finds Sam alone. She doesn't want to talk about her son, so he asks if they can talk about his son. She refuses to talk to him after he tells her what he knows about Lucas and leaves. Outside, Lucas calls her name and introduces himself.

Anna asks Scott if he's avoiding her when he visits the PCPD and tells him she wants Franco arrested. He refuses to be embarrassed again for the department not giving him enough evidence. Anna thinks this is about Franco being his son. He denies it and demands she give him a body. Later, Michael storms in and confronts Scott about not arresting Franco. Scott blames Anna, who's nearby, for leaking evidence. Anna in turn blames Scott. Franco arrives and hides around the corner as Scott announces Anna has her warrant to go grab Franco.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny tells Alexis that he's going to take care of Julian.

Lucas asks Sam and Julian, "What's going on?"

Felix confronts Sabrina for trying to pass of Patrick's kid as Carlos'.

Franco doesn't want Kiki to open the door for Michael while he hides.

Carly tells Luke that Heather kidnapped her.

Silas, Robin and Britt await news of who will be chief of staff.

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