GH Recap: A Masterful Job.

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Dante, Anna, and Nathan recreate a timeline for Carly’s disappearance, Franco tries to convince Sonny of his innocence, and Heather tells Carly all about her genius plan.

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At Carly’s, Lulu asks Nathan if he found anything else to help his case. He says the luggage upstairs matches the suitcase they found in Carly’s trunk and Lulu is visibly upset thinking something really happened to Carly. Nathan asks if he should give Dante her regards but can quickly tell the topic upsets her. Lulu urges him to go back to the station. Later, Bobbie returns. She tells Lulu that she hasn’t told Lucas because she’s afraid he’ll come back and run into his biological father. As of now, Lucas thinks Julian is dead. Bobbie calls Lucas and tells him she has bad news about Carly.

At the station, Anna tells Dante the prints on the knife are Franco’s, and the blood is Carly’s. She isn’t sure it’s going to be enough evidence - Scott will want a slam-dunk guilty verdict after AJ’s trial. Nathan returns and they get to work setting up a timeline of events. First, Carly had lunch at Metro Court to tell Michael about Franco. Michael got upset and left with Kiki. Carly was going to talk with Sonny and Franco watched her step on the elevator. Sonny confirmed Carly got to the restaurant. Carly then went home to write her letter to Franco. But she never made it out of town. Dante thinks she went right to the hotel from her house and Franco saw the letter, lost it and ran after Carly. They imagine they fought over her car in the parking garage and in the heat of the moment Franco stabbed her. Dante wonders where Franco would have gotten the knife. Anna thinks maybe Carly had the knife for protection, and she left no prints because she was wearing gloves. They are not sure Franco would leave the knife so close to the crime scene though. All the security footage had all been deleted. Plus, where’s the body?

Franco finds Sonny in his hotel room. Sonny wonders if Franco is paying Carly back for the room by making her disappear. Sonny told Carly to dump Franco and Michael told him about the letter, so some of what he said must have stuck. Franco thinks someone else could have written the letter and insists he isn’t capable of hurting Carly. Sonny doesn’t believe him and tells him to pray they find her or he will experience the same hell he inflicted on others.

Julian brags to Ava in his room that they sold out the early edition of the paper. Ava wonders why he’s so intent to skewer Franco in the press. Julian wants to deflect any heat that may be on them, whether he did it or not. She thinks this is a great time to take another swing at Sonny and he is already on it. But he really wants to talk about Bobbie. Julian thinks her son Lucas is his son, born to Cheryl Stansbury, a former lover. Julian wants to get to know Lucas and be a better father than their dad was. Ava thinks it’s a little late, but he is going to arrange to meet Lucas. She reminds him he isn’t wanted and he asks if she is going to stop trying with Kiki. He has a right to get to know his son.

Heather returns to the boathouse where Carly is tied up, but still alive. Heather wakes her up with coffee and BLT’s. Carly asks Heather why she cut her and Heather tells her she needed her blood to frame Franco for her murder. Carly is sure Franco won’t believe the letter Heather wrote, but Heather doesn’t care if Franco believes it – he isn’t her target audience. The cops are. Carly wonders why Heather is doing this – doesn’t she want to be with her son? She tells Carly it’s too late – the cops have already found the evidence. Franco had buried the knife he stabbed her with her, so his prints were all over it. Franco won’t suspect her because he thought he killed her. Carly feels bad for Franco and that enrages Heather. Carly thinks Heather must have made some mistake. Heather is confident she is golden. She is going to keep Carly alive so they can watch Franco go down together - until she gives the cops her body.

Nikolas runs into Elizabeth at the hospital. He is there for a board meeting about the new chief of staff. They admit they missed each other over the holidays and they both apologize. The whole thing with Robin is a reminder to Elizabeth that the people they love can just disappear. She asks him to go ice skating with the kids and her but he turns her down. He takes a call from Britt and makes plans with her instead. Elizabeth is bummed.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lucas returns.

Tracy needs Luke for some pressing matters.

Sonny pays a visit to Julian and Ava.

Franco tells Sam and Silas that Carly could be in real trouble.

Scott wants a body.

Michael fields a call about his mom.

Heather is upset.

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