GH Recap: All Up In It.

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Lulu spends some time with Dante’s new partner, Lucy can’t get Scott out of her head, and Sonny shares top secret information with Morgan.

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In bed with Scott, Lucy wonders why she ever resisted. Kevin suddenly appears and she wakes up screaming in her bedroom. She demands to know what Kevin’s doing there and he reminds her that they live together. He asks if she’s cheating on him. She stammers and he tells her he was kidding. He just wanted to lighten the mood since they both know she is true blue. She looks tortured.

In the Metro Court parking garage, Scott urges Anna on the phone to pull it together and find Carly safe and sound. He hangs up and approaches Franco, who’s by Carly’s car. Franco tells Scott that Ava is a much more believable suspect but Scott doesn’t want to come off as pulling strings for his son. Franco is sure no one could ever accuse him of that. Franco just wants to find Carly. Scott won’t make any promises but will try. He warns Franco that he is close to Bobbie, so if he did hurt Carly, Scott will hunt him down.

Michael looks for Carly at the hospital, but she hasn’t been admitted. He worries Carly is at the mercy of Franco. Kiki is sure Franco is innocent and doesn’t think it will help Carly to jump to conclusions. He promises to keep an open mind. Meanwhile, Franco visits Kevin at his office and tells him about Carly’s disappearance. Franco is convinced Carly didn’t write the letter but Kevin points out that Franco was always afraid Carly would "come to her senses" and leave him. Isn’t this his fear come true? Franco leaves to find Carly. He runs into Michael and Kiki on his way out. He swears he’s innocent. Michael agrees to give him the benefit of the doubt - for now.

Lulu answer’s Carly’s door, and Det. West is there to investigate the computer. She asks if he’s new and he tells her his partner is Dante. She begins to question him about the case like a pro and he fills in the details. He finds Carly’s letter. Lulu reads it and isn’t convinced Carly wrote it. Dating Franco was huge for Carly and her mind was made up. He sees the timestamp of the letter was after her meeting with Sonny, so it seems legit. Lulu blames herself for being out that night. West doesn’t want her to blame herself and misses a call from Dante. He calls back and tells Dante the letter checks out.

At the station Anna is anxious for something to connect their evidence to Franco. She and Dante agree to keep what they know under wraps for now. Bobbie overhears and demands to know what’s going on. Anna promises her they are doing everything they can to bring Carly home. Bobbie hands off Carly’s toothbrush for DNA analysis, sure Franco is involved. Bobbie runs into Scott on her way out and demands he get Franco to confess. He thinks there could be other suspects and she accuses him of trying to protect his son. Scott goes inside and urges Anna and Dante to investigate all suspects so the case is airtight. Later, Anna gets the call that the blood is Carly’s and the prints are Franco’s.

Felicia and Duke talk about Carly at Kelly’s. She is sure there will soon be a full-on mob war and can remember how Victor Jerome thought he ruled the town. Duke eagerly awaits Julian’s downfall and she urges him not to let the Jeromes pull him apart from Anna again. Duke tells her he has a volunteer commitment to fulfill and she hugs him, glad he is one of the good guys. Lucy comes by and confesses to Felicia that she slept with Scott last month. She and Kevin had hit a rough patch and one thing led to another. Then, Kevin showed up at Scott’s and she hid while he poured his heart out. Lucy told Scott she wanted to work things out with Kevin, that they belong together. But Scott got to her and she can’t seem to be "un-gotted." Kevin shows up with Scott behind him.

At the warehouse, Sonny urges Shawn to do whatever they need to get Carly back. Shawn wonders if Sonny is buying what Morgan is selling. Morgan eavesdrops as Shawn questions the possibility that Morgan will feed Julian info. Sonny knows deep down that Morgan loves him. Morgan walks in and tells them that Jax is going to get suspicious about Carly soon. Shawn leaves and Sonny promises Morgan that Carly will be fine. Morgan is worried about what a jerk he’s been to Carly and they hug. Duke comes by and Sonny makes Morgan promise that no one will know Duke is involved with Sonny.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Nikolas and Elizabeth miss each other.

Lulu learns that Julian is Lucas' biological father.

Julian tells Ava he is Lucas’ father.

Heather is sure when the cops put all the pieces together they will arrest Franco.

It looks to Dante like Franco killed Carly.

Sonny asks Franco who did it if he didn’t.

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