GH Recap: Pathological Buttinski.

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

Robin and Elizabeth chat about the pregnancy, Sabrina confirms Carlos’ version of events, and Silas and Sam consider Ava’s role in Nina’s overdose.

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Ava arrives at the station and tells Det. West she has no idea what happened to Carly Jacks. West is confused and she realizes there has been some miscommunication. He’s intrigued about Carly, but really wants to talk about Silas. Does she know anything about Silas trying to kill his wife? After all, Kiki was born when Silas was married to someone else. Ava wants her lawyer but West assures her that he is after Silas, not her. She is very adamant that Silas would never hurt his wife. West thinks Silas injected Nina and Ava seems affected.

In the parking garage, Morgan, Michael and Dante pop the trunk of Carly’s blood-smeared car. They find a suitcase. Morgan is relieved but Michael wants to open the suitcase to make sure. Dante unzips the suitcase, but it’s just clothes. Franco and Kiki walk up and Michael slams Franco against the wall, demanding to know what he did to Carly. Kiki is sure Franco had nothing to do with it. Franco sees Carly’s car. Dante calls Det. West to come to the scene. Franco tells Dante about the letter and Dante wants him to go to the station. Forensics goes over the car while Dante gets Det. West up to speed. West tells Dante about Ava’s admittance when she got to the station that she didn’t know what happened to Carly, and he doesn’t believe she's involved. They are called over to the car - forensics found the bloody knife.

At the penthouse, Silas tells Sam about the prescription West has attributed to him, but swears he didn’t write it. Sam thinks Ava could be the person who tried to kill Silas’ wife. Maybe Ava wanted Silas for herself. He’s shocked, but agrees it makes sense. Silas blames himself for having the affair and bringing Ava into their lives. Sam is going to use her PI skills to prove Ava tried to kill Nina.

Back at the station, Ava calls Silas and he urges her to tell the truth. She thinks that’s crazy and abruptly hangs up when Morgan approaches. He tells her something happened to his mom. She urges him not to worry and he apologizes for all the things he said. She tells him she will always have his back, but he drops her hand quickly when Michael and Kiki arrive. Michael calls them out but Morgan accuses Ava of coming on to him. Kiki thinks Ava is involved in Carly’s disappearance, but Michael still thinks it’s Franco. Franco is brought in and promises he is innocent. He’s led off to be questioned and Kiki promises Ava she’ll find out what happened.

Sonny paces at home thinking about Morgan’s return to the family. Olivia grabs him for a kiss and can sense something is wrong. He tells her about Carly’s disappearance. He is going to help find her and Olivia offers to do anything to help. He tells her she is his rock and they kiss. Things heat up and they start taking off their clothes. After sex, they lie in bed and talk about Morgan. He tells her he saw Morgan with Ava and can’t understand how he could have just walked away from the Jeromes.

At Sabrina’s, Patrick demands to know if Carlos is the father of the baby. She tells Patrick it’s true. She slept with Carlos the night of their wedding. She was devastated and Carlos comforted her. Patrick wonders how she knows for sure the baby isn’t his. She is sure because they used protection and she and Carlos didn’t. Plus, the timing is off. She urges him to go back to his wife and breaks into tears when he’s gone. She admonishes Carlos for stepping in, but he promises her this is the best solution for everyone. He holds her.

At the hospital, Elizabeth finds Robin moping in a stairwell. Robin tells her she put herself in the running for chief of staff, but admits she is down because Sabrina is pregnant. Elizabeth urges Robin not to worry. Patrick chose her and Emma. Robin tells her that Patrick asked to have another baby and she said no. Sabrina is giving him something she won’t. At the nurse’s station, Brad asks Felix out for a drink, but he isn’t feeling festive. He tells Brad that he told Patrick about Sabrina’s pregnancy. Brad thinks Felix has a habit of getting in other people’s business. Felix gets defensive and brings up Britt’s baby. Felix admits he isn’t the father of Britt’s baby. Felix demands answers but Brad wonders what made him the monitor of everyone else’s life. He accuses Felix of having no life and stomps off. Patrick returns and tells Robin the baby isn’t his. She’s relieved it’s over and they hug.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Bobbie overhears Dante tell Anna that no one can hear about what happened.

West wonders if Lulu knows his partner Dante.

Kevin questions Lucy’s fidelity.

Felicia thinks a mob war is on the horizon.

Morgan overhears Shawn and Sonny questioning his loyalty.

Kiki has faith in Franco.

Scotty questions Franco about his involvement in Carly’s disappearance.

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