GH Recap: The Other Shoe.

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Sonny finds Ava with Morgan, Heather delivers a letter, and Franco and Kiki confront Ava.

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At the Metro Court, Shawn rushes Julian when he opens his door and holds him at gunpoint. He advises Julian stay away from TJ. Julian threatens to report that Morgan shot Max to the authorities. Shawn reminds him of all the charges Julian could face when the police learn of his recent crimes and promises he won't live another day if something happens to TJ.

Michael throws Franco against the wall at Carly's and accuses him of doing something to her. He plans to check Sonny's place. Franco wouldn't hurt Carly but Michael promises he'll pay if something happened to her. Kiki stays behind with Franco, who asks if she believes him. Kiki thinks they're both just worked up over nothing – Carly could walk through the door any minute. Franco has a bad feeling. Suddenly, Kiki exclaims, "Oh my God. My mother could have something to do with this." They leave to find Ava.

Sonny confronts Morgan at the restaurant when he sees him with Ava. Morgan says he was telling the 'bleached-blond bimbo' to stay away from him before attacking Ava verbally. He makes a show of the fact that she was easy to use to get even with Michael, Kiki and Sonny. She understands but thinks she's on the losing end of this war and will never find someone close to her. Morgan snaps, "Bye," and she leaves. Alone, Sonny excuses himself to take Shawn's call privately. Morgan finishes texting Ava an apology when Michael arrives. Sonny announces Morgan's through with the Jeromes but Michael makes it clear they have more to worry about now that Carly's missing and mentions Carly's dating Franco. Sonny knows, Carly told him and he might have made her upset. Michael thinks Sonny was the last to see her. Morgan remembers Julian's threats to hurt his family and rushes out to find her. After, Michael asks Sonny if Morgan is really through with the Jeromes. Sonny believes he is.

At gunpoint, Carly signs the fake goodbye letter that Heather wrote in the Quartermaine boathouse. Heather leaves but rejoins Carly when she overhears AJ ask Monica nearby, "What the hell are you doing here?" Monica's taken aback and asks what AJ's hiding. She knows he's lying about not drinking. Inside, Heather waits for her moment to leave and then sneaks away. Carly makes noise, kicking things over. Outside, AJ's interrupted from admitting he's drinking again and wonders if Monica heard the sound. She stops him from checking the boathouse and they continue arguing about the possibility that he killed Connie. He can only stop thinking about it when he's drunk and yells how hopeless it is. She wants him to go to an AA meeting for Michael's sake.

Heather enters Franco's room at the Metro Court. She remembers Franco stabbing her and looks at his picture saying, "You drove me to it." She slips the Carly-signed letter under Franco's mail and leaves without being noticed by Ava in the hall. Before Ava can reply to Morgan's text, Kiki and Franco confront her about threatening Carly. She doesn't know where Carly is. Franco retreats to his room while Kiki continues to interrogate Ava. Alone, Franco finds a note addressed to him. Meanwhile, Morgan shoves Julian into the parking garage wall and asks if he hurt Carly.

Robin overhears Felix say, "Sabrina's pregnant," to Patrick when she arrives at General Hospital. Felix relays how Sabrina doesn't want anyone know or to think she's trying to trap him. Alone, Robin admits she was waiting for the other shoe to drop…and it has. Patrick's sorry but promises it will be okay. Later, Felix apologizes to Robin but he thought Patrick had a right to know. She has no intentions of shooting the messenger and replies, "You're not the one that's pregnant."

At Sabrina's, Carlos thinks Sabrina should raise the baby with him. She doesn't think it's going to work, especially when Patrick sees her pregnant. Carlos says, "Not if we leave Port Charles." She wonders if he would really raise another man's child. He would and suggests taking her home to Puerto Rico. Sabrina appreciates his offer but she doesn't want to spend her life with him. Carlos promises to change and be there for her and her baby. Patrick knocks on the door, announcing he wants to talk.

Heather returns to the boathouse as AJ and Monica depart to find an AA meeting. She announces the letter got delivered and she's on to her next task. Carly watches her pull a butcher knife out of her purse. Heather announces it was the knife she intended to kill Carly with, the one that Franco killed her with, but only she will come from back from the dead.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Silas confronts Det. Nathan West.

Sam tells Alexis that Silas has a wife.

Patrick asks Sabrina if she's pregnant.

Kiki doesn't believe Ava when she says she doesn't know anything about Carly.

Morgan gets forceful with Julian.

Michael goes to Dante for help.

Franco reads Carly's note.

Carly screams, "Heather, no!"

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