GH Recap: Besties Times Infinity.

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Morgan asks Sonny to protect him, Ava makes threats to Julian, and Silas tells Sam about his wife.

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Ava arrives at Julian’s room looking for Morgan and learns he was sent back to Sonny. She can’t believe Julian let him out of their deal. Julian agrees it’s far-fetched, but if Morgan knows what’s good for him that is exactly what he is going to get Sonny to believe. Ava thinks it’s a really bad idea - Sonny will be suspicious because of her relationship with Morgan. Julian informs her he ended it and she gets upset – Morgan would never go along with it. He suggests she get on board or he’ll have to deal with her too. She tells him the next time he threatens her, he better be ready to carry them out. Lord knows she is.

At Paluzzo’s, Morgan tells Sonny he’s done with the entire Jerome family. Sonny pauses and Morgan gets upset – he thought this would make Sonny happy. Sonny is just surprised Julian would let him walk away. He tells Sonny he stood up to Julian and ended it with Ava. Morgan knows too much and Sonny can’t believe Julian would let Morgan live. Morgan asks Sonny for protection. Sonny tells Morgan he put his whole organization at risk, and if someone else takes over they are done. But Morgan is his son and nothing will change that. They are in this together. They hug.

Bobbie locks up Carly’s place while chatting on the phone with Lucas. She tells him she wants to stay in town for Lulu, but it’s nothing he should worry about. Heather drags Carly inside from the bushes once Bobbie is gone. Carly warns her she won’t get away with it because of Franco. Heather is sure Franco won’t suspect her at all. A few weeks ago, Franco was so smitten with Carly he stabbed Heather with her own knife before burying her alive. Carly suggests they confront Franco together, but Heather is sure the only way to make Franco suffer is to kill the woman he loves.

Franco leaves another message for Carly from the Metro Court bar wondering where she is. Scott sidles up and orders three fingers of bourbon. Luke and Lulu arrive too and steer clear of the bar. Instead they grab a table and Lulu tells Luke that she left Dante. He guesses it has to do with him not lying for her in court. Lulu isn’t sure how she’ll get past it. Soon, Kevin and Lucy arrive for a romantic meal but when she sees Scott, she suggests they go somewhere else. Meanwhile, Franco asks Scott if he should just pretend they aren’t related. Bobbie arrives as Kevin and Lucy discuss leaving. Lucy showers her with compliments. Bobbie is suspicious and asks what she is hiding. Kevin wonders the same thing. Scott walks up to them and while Kevin checks on Franco, Bobbie joins Lulu and Luke. Scott tells Lucy he wants her back. Can she tell him that night meant nothing? Meanwhile, Kevin tells Franco he missed an appointment and impresses how important therapy is considering what he did to his mother. Franco did what he did to protect Carly and doesn’t think she needs to know. Kevin returns to Lucy and the two of them leave Scott behind. At their table, Bobbie tells Lulu and Luke she isn’t sure how much longer she can keep Julian a secret from Lucas. Lulu decides to go back to Carly’s with Bobbie.

Silas shows up at Sam’s hoping to chat about Rafe. She wants to talk about his wife – the one he failed to tell her about. He confirms he does have a wife but refuses to leave until Sam hears him out. He left home at 18 and was alone in New York when he met Nina at Columbia. After graduation they got married. She put him through medical school. But she has been in a coma for the past 20 years. He is not allowed to see her and his power of attorney was taken away because of his affair with Ava, when Kiki was conceived. Nina tried to kill herself when she found out about Ava, so there is no one to blame but him. He offers Sam time to think and she accepts it. She wonders why the police want him.

At work, Nathan meets his new partner Dante. They bond over the Yankees and New York. Nathan tells Dante someone in Port Charles is up to no good. Silas cheated on his wife and she tried to kill herself. Nina’s parents got a court order to keep her hooked up despite Silas’ wishes. Nathan thinks Silas tried to kill Nina and that it wasn’t suicide.

Drunk Franco shows up at Carly’s house but leaves when he gets no response. Inside, Heather tells Carly they have a lot of work to do before the big finish. Carly needs to accept the fact she won’t get out alive.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sonny tells Robin that AJ killed the woman he loved.

Felix suggests Patrick check on Sabrina himself.

Sabrina tells Carlos about her pregnancy.

Ava wonders why this is so easy for Morgan.

Bobbie is shocked to hear about Carly and Franco’s relationship.

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