GH Recap: Not A People Person.

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Julian tells Morgan what to do, Sam learns something personal about Silas, and Rafe worries he has put TJ in harm's way.

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Det. West arrives at Sam’s place with questions about Silas and asks if Silas has something to hide. Sam thinks back to a conversation she had with Ava – Ava had warned her that Silas was hiding something from her. West asks how Sam met Silas and she explains that Silas saved her son’s life. West wonders how grateful she was and asks bluntly if she is sleeping with Silas. She is offended. He just wonders if she knows she is sleeping with a married man? She accuses him of lying to shake her faith in Silas. West warns her to just think twice about the man she’s involved with.

At the hospital, Silas leaves a message for Diane. Rafe arrives and tells Silas he did something bad, and TJ might be in big trouble. He informs Silas that TJ was a witness to the shooting in the warehouse and he told Anna to get TJ out of the way. Now Rafe is worried that TJ could get killed and regrets going to the cops. Silas is sure Shawn will protect TJ and offers to call Anna.

Anna ushers TJ and Shawn into her office with questions about Sonny. She was led to believe TJ had some info about the shooting. She reminds TJ that lying is an offense, and Shawn won’t let him speak without a lawyer. They stand to leave, and Anna instructs TJ he can’t leave town. Later, Silas calls Anna and tells her that Rafe is worried about TJ’s safety. Anna assures him TJ is safe. Later, West reports in and tells Anna there could be some leads soon after he did something to rattle Silas’ cage.

Back at the hospital, Silas assures Rafe that TJ is okay. Rafe doesn’t want to be the guy who lashes out every time he gets upset. He knows he and Molly are perfect together, but she doesn’t see it. If she wasn’t with TJ they could have a chance. "But she is with TJ," Silas says. He suggests pizza on the way home.

In Julian’s hotel room, Morgan tells Julian and Ava that he’ll be better next time. Ava hugs him and goes to get a table while Julian pulls Morgan aside. Julian will give Morgan his undying loyalty as long as he gets it in return. Morgan tells Julian about his confrontation with Sonny at the hospital, and how Sonny pushed for Morgan to leave the business. Julian wants Morgan to tell Sonny that he quit and be his inside man. He wants Morgan to end it with Ava, but Morgan refuses. Julian threatens to kill his loved ones again and tells him this is the only way Sonny will trust him. When Julian wants info, Morgan will feed it to him. Downstairs at the Metro Court, Carly assures Franco that everything will be fine. They kiss, and she gets on the elevator, promising him a quick return. Heather is hiding in the back, holding a gun. Later, Ava catches Franco talking to himself and can guess he is nervous. He admits he is concerned about Carly. She tells Franco how she just asked Carly for help with Kiki but Carly turned her down. Franco can’t believe Ava would ever think Carly would help her after sleeping with her son. Franco warns Ava that if she goes after Carly, she will have to answer to him. She thought his killing days were over, but she isn’t afraid of him. He may have a higher body count, but they both know she was the real wild card.

At Pazzulo’s, Sonny leaves a message for Shawn hoping he and TJ got out of town without a hitch. Heather peeks in from outside as Carly arrives and tells Sonny she is dating Franco. She tells Sonny how upset Michael is, and Sonny doesn’t blame him. Sonny knows Franco will hurt her because she trusts the wrong people, just like Morgan. As they chat about Morgan, Heather pulls out her gun outside. Sonny thinks Morgan will finally be free of the Jeromes. Carly hopes he can do it. She wants to go find Michael and Sonny asks her to decide if a relationship with Franco is worth losing their son over. Tumor or not, Franco is dangerous. Carly leaves. Morgan arrives and tells Sonny he’s out.

Back at her place, Sam thinks about Silas’ secrets. Silas arrives, hoping they could talk about cheering up Rafe. She would love to. And maybe after that they could talk about his wife.

Ava returns to Julian’s room, upset that she has been kept waiting. She sees Morgan left and Julian tells her he had a better idea.

Franco leaves a message for Carly as she is approached by Heather in the alley.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Silas grabs Sam and insists she hear him out.

Ava thinks Julian’s idea is a bad one.

Morgan begs Sonny for forgiveness.

Lulu tells her dad that she left Dante.

Scott wants Lucy back.

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