GH Recap: You Can Run But You Can't Hide.

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Sonny confronts Morgan, Nathan discusses his reasons for his transfer request to the PCPD, and Julian worries about the trouble TJ and Morgan could cause.

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Ava announces, "I come in peace," when Julian opens the door, gun in hand. He's mad she hasn't kept Morgan close since he's a kid and poses a problem; they could end up in jail. Ava blames Julian for getting him involved in a shootout with Sonny and asks if he's threatening to kill Morgan. Julian's worried that too many people were at the warehouse, including TJ. Ava reminds him that TJ is his daughter's sister's boyfriend and warns he shouldn't start bumping off children. He asks her to go, and then calls someone to tail both Morgan and TJ.

At the Metro Court, Silas and Sam each try to see if the other has regrets. Silas' only regret is that they didn't get there sooner. Sam gets up to shower and Silas reads a text on his phone, "You can run but you can't hide." After, Ava sees Sam kissing Silas goodbye. Silas drags her into his room and exclaims, "That cop isn't going away." She confides he tried to reach her and she's still weighing her options. Silas is sick of waiting. Ava suggests he could direct the cop to Diane. He doesn't trust her or Diane but Ava thinks he shouldn't be eager to get Alexis involved. It might ruin things for him and Sam.

At Maxie's apartment, Nathan reviews a file on Silas Clay from the NYPD and decides he'll have to get creative since Silas keeps avoiding him. He grabs his badge and gun and leaves.

Anna complains about the headlines about the warehouse shooting to Duke in her office. She knows Sonny's lying…Julian had to have been involved in the shootout but wonders why Sonny is protecting him. Duke thinks she should recuse herself to avoid drudging up the past. They're interrupted when Nathan arrives. Alone, Anna confirms she has his request for a transfer and questions his motives. Nathan goes where the action is and knows about the Jeromes going against Corinthos. Anna doesn't buy it. He hands over the NYPD file and admits he's there because of Ava and her old friend Silas Clay. She reviews the case and isn't certain she wants an opened case brought to Port Charles despite her interest in taking down Ava. She still questions why his case is so important to him but grants his transfer request.

Sonny takes Morgan to an exam room when he finds him at General Hospital. He exclaims, "You want an update on Max? You almost killed him." Morgan wanted to save Carlos from Sonny. Sonny refuses to apologize for protecting his family. Morgan claims he makes his own decisions so Sonny gives him a gun and tells him to be a man and shoot him to get rid of the father he hates so much. Morgan yells for him to stop and gives the gun back. Sonny explains it's time to walk away from the Jeromes before someone else gets hurt. Meanwhile, Nathan introduces himself to Silas at the nurses' station.

At Kelly's, Shawn argues with TJ in the kitchen. He shouldn't have been at the warehouse. TJ wanted to protect him but Shawn warns Julian will take him out if he thinks TJ will go to the police. It could be dangerous for Molly too. TJ leaves. Duke asks Shawn if everything's alright. Outside, Rafe's certain Molly feels something for him but Molly's already talked things over with TJ. She wants to be with him and if Rafe can't accept that then they can't be friends. Rafe thinks TJ's bad for her but he'll accept it so they can be friends. Later, Rafe is watching nearby when TJ finds Molly alone and explains if the Jeromes find out he went to the police, he's as good as dead. Rafe listens in as Molly agrees that the truth shouldn't come out. Sam comes to get Danny and confirms she had a great night and asks if their troubles are over. TJ agrees they're in the clear. Sonny walks by and joins Duke inside. Across the counter, Duke explains Anna's concerns to Sonny who realizes Dante hasn't reported his suspicions. He thinks Morgan will ditch the Jeromes and it will be a moot point. In the kitchen he reminds Shawn that TJ can't talk. Shawn's certain no one is going to hear about the warehouse shooting from TJ.

Morgan goes to Julian's to talk about the warehouse shooting and says, "I want out."

Anna is interrupted by a visit from Rafe at the PCPD. He's hesitant but points at the newspaper headline about the warehouse shooting and says he knows what happened there.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Ava tells Carly she's made an enemy.

Julian explains Morgan can't just walk away.

Sonny needs Shawn to get a kid out of town.

Sam wants to know why Molly is worried about her and Silas.

Nathan confronts Silas.

Anna asks Rafe who the witness was.

Heather's back.

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