GH Recap: You May Kiss The Bride.

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Emma officiates her first wedding, Sam and Silas figure out how to bring in the New Year, and Dante and Lulu fight after receiving bad news.

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At General Hospital, Silas catches the elevator as he leaves Ava a message about his calls from the cop. They need to meet and solve this problem. He hangs up muttering that he won't lose Sam over this. In the exam room, Britt stops the ultrasound and apologizes to Dante and Lulu…she won't be able to create new embryos. They're confused and want more options. Britt will try but doesn't think the outcome will be any different.

Sam and Nikolas find themselves waiting for their dates at the Metro Court and sit together. She makes a toast to Dante and Lulu in hopes that their procedure goes well. Nikolas is certain Britt will be able to give them a baby. They're about to discuss their current relationships when Silas arrives. Nikolas allows Silas to whisk Sam away but warns him the Cassadines take care of their own and he should be good to his cousin. When Britt arrives, she can't say it went well with Dante and Lulu. After dinner, Silas and Sam toy with ideas of what they can do. He finally suggests getting a room. She'd like that. Upstairs, they enjoy champagne before kissing. He asks if she's sure and she responds she is. They make love, taking a break during the fireworks when Sam hopes the New Year will be less exciting for them. Later on the terrace, Nikolas wants to start the New Year by telling Britt how much she means to him. He kisses her passionately during the fireworks.

At Maxie's, Nathan West introduces himself and explains that the agency sent him to sublet her apartment. She gives him a tour and confuses him when she offers her room. He wonders if her roommate moved out suddenly and asks what happened. She confesses her roommate moved to Portland with the love of her life and her daughter. He surprises her when he hands her a handkerchief. His mother warned how one never knows when they'll find a damsel in distress. He understands her need for a spiritual journey and admits he hasn't had the best year himself. She thinks this will be a wonderful opportunity for him to turn things around. He doesn't know anyone in Port Charles and thinks they could pick up the pieces together. His offer is nice but she can't stay and has to leave before the stroke of midnight. He wishes her good luck when she leaves and smiles at a picture of her that he finds. Later, Nathan leaves Silas a message that he's not going away.

Robin's silent at home as Emma promises them that she will not fall asleep like she did last New Year's Eve with Sabrina. Patrick explains they are having a special evening renewing their wedding vows. Emma wonders who will marry them. Patrick and Robin realize they don't need anyone official and they can get anyone. Emma's eager to know what they're thinking and soon, she's doing the honors in front of her stuffed animal witnesses. Both Robin and Patrick repeat the vows from their wedding day. Emma stops Patrick's premature kiss and gives them their rings. After they put them on Emma announces, "Now you can kiss the bride." Later, Patrick and Robin share champagne as the New Year begins. Meanwhile, Emma's asleep on the couch.

At the apartment, Sabrina fidgets, hoping the pregnancy test will be negative. Felix announces it's positive. She knows it's Patrick's. She freaks out in Spanish and wonders what she will do. Felix asks her to chill out and explains she will have to catch her breath and tell Patrick. It's the last thing she intends to do since she'll be no better than Britt. Felix doesn't see a comparison but Sabrina doesn't want to be that person. If she's not going to do the right thing, Felix will. Sabrina grabs the phone and threatens to never speak to him again if he tells. He hears her and agrees it's best if she figure out things first. They bring in the New Year together in silence.

At home, Lulu can't believe it's over. Dante argues they could get a donor but she doesn't want to have a baby anymore. She thinks the universe is telling them they need to stop. He invites her to the roof for fireworks but she starts packing. He argues he loved Connie too and asks if she blames him for what happened in court. She admits she doesn't want to but she can't help it. He didn't have her back when it mattered the most. She can't be with him. He asks her to stay as the fireworks are going off but she won't. They both say, "I love you," and she leaves.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Silas admits to Sam that there's no place he'd rather be than with her.

Nathan reports in to Commissioner Devane.

Rafe tells Molly that he wants her.

Shawn asks TJ if he can trust him to keep his mouth shut.

Ava wants to know if Julian intends to kill Morgan.

Sonny yells at Morgan to shoot him if he wants to be a man.

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