GH Recap: Friends Again?

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Maxie says goodbye to Lulu, Monica confronts Silas about something she thinks he did, and Patrick and Robin make a decision.

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Maxie stops at the Falconeri's to say goodbye to Lulu. Lulu looks on smugly as Maxie admits she's leaving Port Charles to find herself and figure out why she hurt the people she loves. One last time, she needs to say how sorry she is. If it's any consolation, Maxie lost her baby too. Lulu's certain the baby is happy with Ellie and Spinelli. They both miss her but Maxie wishes she could take everything back. Lulu wants to forgive Maxie but can't give her the closure she needs – it can't be fixed. Maxie wonders if Lulu and Dante thought about trying again with their other embryos. Lulu confesses they've been destroyed but they've decided to try again after she talked to Britt. Maxie's happy for her and tries to take her hand. Lulu's not certain her having a baby will change things for her and Maxie. She's needed her best friend but so much has happened. Maxie knows, hence her reason for leaving. She doesn't expect anything, it could be too late, but maybe she'll come back a better person…one who deserves Lulu's friendship. They wish each other good luck and Maxie leaves.

At General Hospital, Silas has something important to tell Sam. Before he can get the words out, Monica interrupts and says, "Silas Clay, I know what you did." He's confused and she announces his name is at the top of the list of candidates to replace her as chief of staff. Silas had nothing to do with it but Monica's certain he must have campaigned for the spot. She wants her job back now that AJ has been acquitted and asks him to take his name out of the running. Sam thinks Monica's request is unfair and Monica promises this is not over. Alone, Sam asks Silas what he wanted to tell her. He ignores an incoming call and decides to tell her only that he's happy to spend New Year's Eve with her. Elsewhere, Dante leaves Anna a message that he can't question Max until he's more coherent. He hopes Ben isn't sick when Britt brings him in. She thinks Dante's there for Lulu's testing and admits she's surprised Lulu called her despite her keeping Maxie's secret. He understands she was caught in the middle and had her own 'stuff' going on too. Britt's honored to help. He fusses over Ben and admits this is his and Lulu's last chance to have a baby after what they went through at the trial. Britt confesses she has something to tell him. Lulu interrupts and Britt takes Ben to daycare. Later, Dante and Lulu are joking with each other when Britt stops in the middle of the exam. Lulu questions if something is wrong.

At home, Robin laughs when Patrick asks her what she thinks about having another baby. She's curious what brought this on, and he admits Sam brought Danny over. Robin asks if it has something to do with Britt. Patrick was disappointed when Ben turned out not to be his and Robin admits she felt something for him when she thought he was Patrick's son. Patrick's not trying to replace Ben, he's just happy Robin's back and it would be amazing for them to have another baby. Robin says, "No." She just got home and needs to get to know her family again. He gets it but wants to celebrate in some way. She has an idea. Patrick guesses different pets. It's not a pet; Robin wants them to renew their vows. They agree it would be the best for Emma and Patrick decides there's no better time than New Year's Eve.

At the apartment, Sabrina's shocked when Felix suggests she's sick because she's knocked up and says, "No," in the middle of a laugh. It could be stress from harboring a fugitive. Felix thinks Carlos is using her and asks Sabrina if she's sure she didn't sleep with him after the 'wedding that wasn't'. Nothing happened and she's certain she and Patrick didn't use faulty Quartermaine condoms. Felix advises that she take a pregnancy test but Sabrina freaks when he offers to lift one from the hospital. He decides to go to the drugstore and is back lickety-split. Sabrina thinks they should just forget the whole thing when he returns but he talks her into getting it over with. While they wait for the results, Sabrina worries she couldn't tell Patrick she's pregnant, he's just gotten back with his wife. She makes Felix check the stick when the three minutes are up. He returns and says, "It's positive." Sabrina responds, "I'm pregnant," after she looks at the stick.

Maxie finishes packing at home when she's surprised by a visit from Nathan West.

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