GH Recap: Eat, Pray, Love.

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Maxie calls a family meeting, Silas and Sam make another date, and Felix returns home to find someone sleeping in his bed.

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At General Hospital, Silas gives Sam news about Danny's great health. She wants to celebrate and he thinks New Year's Eve would be perfect. Sam's not certain since he's had so many interruptions but he talks her into it before ignoring a call. After, Silas meets CPO Hicks in the exam room. He's been keeping the secret that he might be sick and dying from his wife. Silas understands and ignores another call. Hicks' results come in. He admits lying to his wife was worse than thinking he had cancer and can't wait to get home and tell her the truth.

Sabrina quickly hides evidence of Carlos at the apartment before Felix gets in. He hugs her when he learns Patrick made his decision and is upset that she's feeling sorry for him after dumping her on Christmas Eve. Sabrina doesn't think it'd been any better on Christmas. Felix's eager to take her to the spa until he finds Carlos in his bed. Sabrina explains it's complicated and that she didn't have sex with him. Felix gets upset when he learns that she's aiding and abetting a fugitive. She stops him from calling the police but he's worried of the repercussions. She thinks she's going to be sick and rushes off to the bathroom. After, she can't figure out what made her sick and Felix suggests that she could be pregnant.

At home, Robin announces Emma's staying at a friend's while Patrick removes Christmas decorations. Maxie calls and needs Robin to come over for an emergency. Sam stops by after she leaves and shares Danny's good news. She's not surprised Patrick's come home to Robin. His dream came true but she can't think like that anymore, there's only one miracle to go around. Patrick asks about Silas and is curious when Sam admits they haven't closed the deal yet. She confides how Ava taunts her that Silas has something to hide. Patrick doesn't want to question Sam's motives but confesses that Ava told him the truth that Robin was alive. He just wants her to be happy, and she agrees she is. He helps get Danny ready to leave and admits being disappointed when he found out he wasn't having another kid. Sam thinks he can ask Robin now.

Mac and Felicia arrive at Maxie's and ask what's wrong. She wants to wait for Robin and tells them to relax. Felicia needs to know and Maxie says, "I'm leaving Port Charles." Robin gets there and finds the decision sudden. Maxie wants to go on an 'eat, pray, love' journey for a few months to find herself. Mac's confused but she's lost so much she needs to go someplace where everything is unfamiliar…and she's leaving before midnight because of the previous New Year's Eve miscarriage. Mac thinks she's learned enough that she shouldn't have to cut herself off from her family. Robin translates that they all hope she can find herself a little closer to home. It would mean a lot if Maxie had their blessing. Robin gives hers, knowing Maxie will be okay. They hug and Robin leaves. Maxie has one thing to do and leaves Mac and Felicia to gather her things.

At the Falconeri's, Lulu announces she wants to make a baby when Dante wakes up. Dante's surprised that Britt said they could start the whole process over again. Moving forward is scary – she knows it will be their last and only chance. He agrees they can do this and they make love. Dante confesses he can't wait to hold a baby and to see Lulu happy. She's feeling hopeful and glad to be looking forward instead of back. He's called to work and Lulu calls Britt.

Nikolas wakes up at Wyndemere with Britt at his side and asks her how she feels about making their 'us' official. Everything feels temporary to him and he'd like to make it permanent. He wants Britt and Ben to make Wyndemere their permanent home. She worries about his relationship with Lulu if she officially moves in but hopes she can make things right for Dante and Lulu. Nikolas doesn't think there will be an issue but Britt turns him down – she doesn't deserve him. Lulu calls, asking Britt to be her doctor again. Britt agrees and promises she'll get her baby. Nikolas told her she didn't have to worry about Lulu and asks her to stay again. She finally decides to make it official.

Sam returns to General Hospital at Silas' request. He needs to tell her something.

Robin returns home and Patrick asks how she feels about having another baby.

Lulu answers a knock at the door and sees Maxie.

Monday's Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Maxie goes to say goodbye to Lulu.

Dante explains to Britt that it's their last chance to have a kid.

Robin wonders why Patrick wants to have another baby.

Felix tells Sabrina to take a pregnancy test.

Monica announces to Silas and Sam that she knows what Silas did.

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