GH Recap: Not A Dream.

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

Morgan keeps vigil outside of Max's room, Britt wants to help Lulu prepare to have another baby, and Robin spends Christmas with her family.

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Obrecht narrates how Christmas is a day to seek refuge from this cruel world with the people you love.

Robin wakes up with Patrick and says, "It's not a dream." Patrick believes nothing can tear them apart again. He confirms he broke things off with Sabrina. Robin knows how Sabrina feels to lose him. Emma comes in playing her didgeridoo and announces, "Good day mates. Wake up, it's Christmas!" They open gifts. It's awkward for Robin when Emma receives a koala she already has and opens up something she really wanted from Sabrina. Robin promises she'll be okay when Emma wants to personally thank Sabrina later. After open gifts of didgeridoos from Robert, Patrick gives Robin her wedding ring.

Carlos watches Sabrina crying at the apartment and doesn't think she looks good. She doesn't think he looks good either and thought he was going to die. She threatens to call the cops certain that something bad happened. He warns if she does, Sonny will finish the job. If she ever cared about him, she'll let him stay. He realizes Patrick went back to Robin. She yells that he should just say 'I told you so' already. He didn't care about winning, only that she'd get hurt. He holds her as she confesses she still loves Patrick.

Outside the Quartermaines, Ava leaves Morgan a message, hoping he's not at the hospital. Inside, AJ opens Michael and Kiki's gift unenthusiastically. Kiki answers the door while AJ expresses to Michael that he's not thrilled with being acquitted on 'reasonable doubt'. It doesn't mean that he didn't kill Connie. Michael thinks maybe he didn't. At the door, Ava wishes Kiki a Merry Christmas and busts in when she's not invited. Kiki's mad that Ava's turning Morgan into a killer. Ava wonders what she knows. Kiki was there at the pier when Morgan hit Michael and he almost drowned but now thinks her mother was talking about something else. Michael pulls Kiki away to go to the hospital. Ava joins AJ in the living room and congratulates him on his court win. She further aggravates his sour mood by telling him to celebrate for getting away with murder. He yells for her to leave and downs the drink she left at the bar after she's gone.

Olivia asks Morgan what he's doing outside Max's room at General Hospital. He cares about Max but turns down the invite to visit Max with her. Inside, Diane thinks Olivia should ask Sonny what happened. Milo thinks it's strange that Sonny shot Max too. Alone with Diane, Milo cries and blames himself for not having Max's back. Before leaving, Olivia explains to Morgan that Sonny's being held at the PCPD for shooting Max. Morgan says he's happy to see Michael when he arrives with Kiki. Michael asks for a minute and then asks Morgan what happened since he'd bet his life Sonny didn't shoot Max. Kiki calls Michael into Max's room.

At the apartment, Dante gives Lulu an anniversary gift. She's sorry she forgot, two years ago things seemed hopeful for them. Dante wishes he could have done things different but promises they'll get through this. She half-heartedly agrees and they kiss. He leaves to question Sonny. Nicholas arrives later with Britt and Ben. Lulu wishes Ben a Merry Christmas. Nikolas is sorry that the embryos were destroyed and Britt announces that she and Dante can still be parents.

In lockup at the PCPD, Obrecht warns that a caged animal that paces is about to lose their mind. Sonny says, "I'll take that under advisement." She asks what he's in for but he ignores her. Obrecht admits knowing who he is. He claims he's a coffee importer. She's impressed over how long he's held his territory and realizes he's there by choice to take someone else's place. He warns if she really thinks he's a mob kingpin she should shut up because she's annoying him. Obrecht continues, adding that she'd only put herself behind bars for her children…how about him? Dante arrives and tells Obrecht to sit down and shut up. He then asks Sonny what's really going on. Sonny's vague and Dante asks, "Was it Morgan?" Olivia interrupts and Dante rushes off to find Morgan. Olivia thinks whatever happened may be just what Morgan needs. She leaves with Sonny when they take him to interrogation. Alone, Obrecht sings Oh Tannenbaum.

Dante finds Morgan outside of Max's room. He wants the truth and asks, "Are you the one who shot Max?" Morgan claims Sonny's losing it again and he shouldn't be blamed for his mistakes. Dante thinks Morgan is more like Sonny than he'll ever admit. Ava joins Morgan at the hospital later and hugs him.

Back at the Falconeri's, Britt watches Dante and Lulu fuss over Ben.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Sam may learn that Silas has been hiding something.

Lulu receives a visit from Maxie.

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