GH Recap: Asking Questions.

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

TJ and Molly take matters into their own hands, Sonny finds out the truth about Carlos, and Julian confronts Alexis.

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Alexis is surprised to find Julian at her door when she tries to head out. He needs her help and asks what she knows about Carlos. Molly listens in as Julian warns that if Carlos is executed it will be by Shawn's hand. She remembers warning TJ the night before that Shawn could be in trouble and might do something to Carlos. Molly interrupts and Julian exchanges niceties about her trigonometry test before Alexis warns him not to talk to her daughter. She doesn't know Carlos and asks him to go. Before he does he asks who Lucas is. Alexis can't help him but Julian knows she's lying and asks if Lucas is related to him and Sam. She shows him out as he complains how he's not giving up on Carlos, Lucas or her. Alone she makes a call.

Lulu shares her and Dante's decision to have another baby with Luke and Bobbie outside of Kelly's. She agrees it would be good news if the embryos weren't missing. She's heading to Spoon Island to get answers from Britt. Inside, TJ asks what was going down at the warehouse when Shawn serves him breakfast. Shawn promises that whatever happens between him and Sonny is not going to affect him. TJ worries there's a lot that could go wrong and doesn't want him to be a fall guy. Shawn wonders where this is all coming from. He doesn't answer when Molly arrives. Alone, Molly explains how Julian stopped by the house and they decide to look for Carlos. Nearby, Bobbie lets Luke know how worried she is that Julian will learn that Lucas is alive. Luke thinks she's worried over nothing but they don't want Lucas to be caught off-guard. Bobbie's interrupted when Alexis calls. Julian's asking questions. Bobbie informs Luke as Julian walks into the diner and sees them staring.

At the warehouse, Sonny assures Carlos won't have to put up with being tied up much longer when he proves he's lying about being Lily's brother. Carlos says he could be an asset to Sonny before he's gagged. Sonny meets Duke outside and offers him an option to leave. He's more worried about saving Anna even if it means Carlos dies. Sonny asks Duke to sit tight until Shawn knows the truth. Later, Shawn arrives to tell them that Carlos is not related to Lily. Sonny's ready to take him out. Outside, TJ argues with Molly before going into the warehouse alone. He finds Carlos tied and gagged and lets him go. Carlos struggles with a guard when they try to leave. Sonny and Shawn approach from the outside and hear a shot.

At Wyndemere, Britt converses with Ben over the mess she's made of things. She feels bad for Dante and Lulu but she doesn't want to lose him. Nikolas joins them and asks if she told Obrecht that she's through with her. Britt feels guilty and wants to get her mother a lawyer. He's eager for her to lift her burden so he doesn't have to sleep alone. She leaves for the PCPD before Lulu arrives. Nikolas knows how Lulu feels after what he went through with Aiden. She picks Ben up and asks to wait for Britt. She leaves when Dante calls and Nikolas tells Ben that he's falling for Britt and they couldn't live without him.

Obrecht can't believe Britt hasn't called or come through with bail or a lawyer at the PCPD. Anna did get a call from her own daughter who is looking forward to Obrecht's imprisonment. Obrecht confesses that instead of a public defender she'd like to spill her dirty little secrets to Dante after he arrives. Dante doesn't have time but Obrecht suggests he'll be interested in what she has to say. Britt interrupts before Obrecht can say anything and Dante asks if she knows anything about the missing embryos. She doesn't and wants a word alone with Obrecht. Alone, Obrecht recalls how she argued with Britt over the embryos while Britt cries about what this could do to her and Nikolas. Meanwhile, Dante confides to Anna how he's fearful that Lulu will lose hope and discuss what might have happened to the embryos. He leaves after Brad calls. When Duke stops by, Anna compliments Duke on moving on from Julian.

At General Hospital, Felix encourages Brad to find the Falconeri embryos. Brad remembers how upset Dante and Lulu were and calls Dante. Later, Dante and Lulu arrive eager to know where their embryos are. Brad shows them a work order that Ellie signed off on to destroy the embryos.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Silas tells Ava that they have a problem.

Julian asks Luke and Bobbie who Lucas is.

Robin confronts Patrick about moving in with Sabrina.

Molly wants Morgan's help.

Carlos takes TJ hostage.

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