GH Recap: Welcome To The Fold.

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

Sonny and Shawn deal with Carlos at the warehouse, Morgan pays Molly a visit, and Duke turns in his resignation.

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Brad tries to dodge Dante and Lulu at General Hospital. Lulu wants her embryos back. Brad believes it's a matter for Dr. Westbourne. Dante threatens to speak to Brad's superiors and Brad decides he'll look into it. Dante wonders where Brad went to get answers while Lulu worries they're wasting their time. She remembers what Nikolas told her about Britt conspiring with Brad to pass her baby off as Patrick's. Dante realizes Britt hasn't called back. He leaves another message. Lulu considers they're trying again too soon…maybe having another baby is not meant to be. Dante knows it will be okay.

Britt takes Obrecht's call at Wyndemere. She requests bail and warns to disclose the truth about Ben if Britt doesn't oblige. Britt hangs up after Obrecht warns she better be at the PCPD within the hour. Nikolas is disappointed that she's decided to go to the PCPD before her mother causes any trouble. Later, Brad arrives and Nikolas confesses he knows why he never wanted anything to do with Ben. Brad seems relieved that what Nikolas knows isn't everything. Nikolas tells him he's on private property and shuts the door.

At the PCPD, Anna leaves Robert a message to take their secret to their graves. Duke's standing there when she hangs up. He's worried she came back to work too soon and invites her on a getaway. She can't leave now with a mob war brewing in Port Charles and asks how he spent his day. Duke admits going to the gym. She's nervous when he thinks Obrecht means to call Faison. After, she returns to interrogation and Britt arrives shortly thereafter. Alone with Obrecht, Britt admits she didn't tell Nikolas everything but the truth could still come out. Later, Obrecht's sure Anna won't have to lock her back up.

At the penthouse, Ava leaves Carlos' a message before Morgan invites her to sit on 'Santa's lap' to turn her frown upside down. After making love, they agree they're not bored with each other. Julian arrives. He's certain Sonny's lying about about where Carlos is. Morgan offers to track him down. Alone, Julian makes it clear that if Morgan can't prove his worth, he'll answer to him. Ava tells Julian he'll answer to her if something happens to Morgan. Duke arrives and Julian jokes they can co-exist despite their past. Duke regrets not killing him when he had the chance. Ava thinks he's reaching for a gun so Julian pulls his gun. Duke pulls out his resignation and reads it aloud to them. Julian tells him it won't be easy the second time around to get away.

TJ runs after Molly as she approaches her door. She doesn't think there is anything left to say – their relationship is over. They both think the other is into someone else and argue about Rafe and Taylor. TJ wants to talk things out but Molly slams the door shut. Molly's aggravated when there's a knock on the door but is surprised to see Morgan. He starts a strange conversation about TJ and his guardian Shawn, who works for Sonny. He warns that Shawn and Sonny could ruin TJ's life…they might even have a man named Carlos. Molly's worried for TJ but doesn't know how to help. Morgan admits he could be wrong and wishes there was a way they could find out for sure. Molly suggests that TJ could follow Shawn. Morgan pretends it could be too risky but agrees Molly needs to keep him safe.

Sonny arrives at the warehouse to check on Carlos. He promises to treat him like the animal he is until he knows if he's Lily's brother. He jokes Ava's calling Carlos' phone to fire him and wonders how important Carlos is to Julian. Maybe he's loyal to a fault. Carlos reminds Sonny he cut his own son loose and left Morgan ripe for Ava's picking. Sonny's tired of waiting and yells to Shawn to find out if he knows if Carlos is Lily's brother. Shawn has someone working on it. Someone buzzes the door. Shawn finds TJ outside and promises to talk to him later. Back inside, Sonny tells Carlos that sometimes people have to die. Carlos argues he's not lying before Shawn announces a visitor. Sonny greets Duke outside and welcomes him to the fold. Sonny says, "Julian wanted a war; he's going to get what he came for." Meanwhile, Shawn tells Carlos he's headed to hell, soon.

TJ returns to Molly's with her Christmas present. She apologizes and they kiss. She stops him from leaving to talk about Shawn.

Brad bumps into Britt when he's leaving Spoon Island and alerts her that Dante and Lulu know the embryos are gone. He asks how long before they figure out she has their son.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Lulu visits Wyndemere.

Obrecht has something important to tell Anna and Dante.

TJ tells Molly that they have to find Carlos.

Julian warns Alexis that Shawn will be responsible for whatever happens to Carlos.

Sonny plans to prove Carlos is lying and then will kill him.

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