GH Recap: Georgie.

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Maxie gets to see her baby, Ellie tries to help Dante and Lulu, and Britt makes another confession to Nikolas.

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At General Hospital, Brad agrees to don Felix's elf costume so Felix can be Santa. It isn't what Brad meant when he said he wanted to get in Felix's pants but he'll do it for the kids. Felix pauses before dressing as Santa in front of Brad, but Brad thinks they should hurry. In the lab, Ellie tells Dante and Lulu that their embryos are gone. Dante tries to figure out what happened and Ellie explains lab protocol. Britt was the only other person who would have had access. Dante calls Britt and leaves a message. After, Ellie recommends that they check with Brad as well before saying goodbye. Dante and Lulu leave and ask to speak with Brad alone. Felix leaves and they ask what Brad knows about their missing embryos.

At the gym, Sonny's disappointed when Duke doesn't accept his deal to take down Julian with him. He's not prepared to lose Anna. He wishes Sonny success and hopes the Jeromes get everything they deserve. They shake hands and Duke leaves. Julian arrives and points a gun at Sonny while Duke peeks from around the corner. Julian demands to know where Carlos is and threatens to take Sonny out if he doesn’t tell him. Sonny's not scared knowing Julian would be at the top of the suspect list if anything happened to him. Julian's not afraid of anyone at the PCPD and would have no problem taking out Dante or Anna. He tells Sonny there will be blood to pay if Carlos isn't returned soon. Duke joins Sonny after Julian's gone. He heard the threat to Anna and decides he's in. Sonny knew he could count on Duke but asks about Anna. Duke thinks that what Anna doesn't know won't hurt her.

Anna interrogates Obrecht at the PCPD. Obrecht's not interested in giving Anna information and writes "Not without my phone call" on the legal pad. Anna wonders who'd Obrecht would call and she answers, "Faison." Anna doesn't understand why she wants to talk him after all he's done to her. Obrecht doesn't expect Anna to understand her love for Faison and demands to talk to him. Anna knows she can't but gives her the phone so she can waste a phone call. Outside interrogation, Anna leaves Robert a message that no matter what happens, their secret will go with them to their graves.

Maxie closes her door on Spinelli and Connie and yells at him to go home. Spinelli's leaving with Ellie tonight and warns if Maxie doesn't open the door now that they'll both regret it for the rest of their lives. She thought they would have more time and opens the door. Spinelli makes her hold Connie and promises this won't be the last time Maxie will see her. They both agree Connie looks so much like Georgie. Spinelli asks if it would be okay to rename their baby to Georgie since she was the one that brought them together. He confesses she was the first girl he ever loved. The both admit they still love each other and kiss with the baby between them. Maxie knows it was a goodbye kiss but wonders what might have been. Spinelli knows she'll always have a piece of his heart, and his friendship. She asks him not to forget about her and he promises he won't. Ellie arrives and Maxie gives Spinelli her and Georgie's baby ornaments. He makes her keep one for when she has Georgie for Christmas. He kisses her and says, "Goodbye, my Maximista." Alone, she cries holding the ornament.

At Wyndemere, Britt confesses to Nikolas that Brad is not Ben's father. He wants her lies to stop and asks who Ben's father is. Britt wants Nikolas to understand that she was trying to get pregnant fast and took something that didn't belong to her…a sample from the hospital sperm bank. She asks for his forgiveness for lying after breaking the law. Nikolas reminds her that he's on her side after they've been through so much together but she's got to stop lying or she'll lose him. She understands but still gets scared. He admits doing horrible things too but he's right where he wants to be right now. They kiss. She can't believe he could really forgive her. He just wants to be with her and takes her to bed. She can't believe they're really doing this. He reminds her they have each other and nothing will rip them apart. Britt's phone goes unanswered on the floor. Later, Nikolas goes to take care of Ben. While Britt checks her messages, Obrecht calls for help. Britt asks why she would help and Obrecht reminds her she knows everything about her baby.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Julian points a gun at Duke who he thinks has a gun.

Obrecht yells at Anna to stay out of her daughter's affairs.

Lulu won't leave until she has answers from Brad.

Brad asks Nikolas what Britt told him.

Molly's done talking to TJ and slams the door in his face.

Sonny threatens Carlos.

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