GH Recap: I Killed Someone.

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Dante and Lulu each receive advice from family, Franco seeks professional help, and Lucy goes to see Kevin.

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Spinelli fawns over Connie at the penthouse and realizes Sam doesn't need to turn the office into a nursery since he might be moving to Portland. He wishes someone would tell him what to do. If Sam had her way she'd tell him not to go. Port Charles is his home and he likes how Sam and Jason made him feel like he belonged. Sam thinks Ellie's perfect for him but he wonders if he can leave everyone else behind.

Robin gets an excited hug from Maxie when she drops by the apartment. She hopes Maxie told Spinelli 'no way' when she learns he might move to Portland with Connie but Maxie admits encouraging him to go. Robin shares how Sabrina won't bow out, thinking it's Patrick's decision to choose one of them. She worries Patrick could choose Sabrina. Maxie believes when Patrick makes his decision then Robin will know how he really feels. Robin surprises Spinelli when she gets the door. Maxie reiterates that he should go to Portland.

Sonny comments on Dante's frustration at the gym as he pounds the punching bag. Dante knew it would be hard to lose Connie but he didn't realize he might lose his marriage. They're no longer a team now that Lulu blames him for their loss and she'll never understand why he did what he did. Sonny thought winning custody was a long shot. Dante wants to help Lulu and is sad that he's dealing with his grief on his own. Sonny understands and reminds him, "You got me," but knows Dante will figure it out.

Carly's surprised to learn Lulu lost Connie when she stops by the Falconeri's. They pack up Connie's things as Lulu explains what happened at trial. She blames Dante for them losing custody when he told the judge that she lied. Lulu's surprised Carly's not laughing at her after how Dante got Michael sent to prison. Carly admits things have changed between her and Franco. He's hit rock bottom and needs a job. Is there one at the Haunted Star? Lulu clarifies that she wants her to hire someone who strapped her to a bomb and threatened to blow her up. Carly blames that on the brain tumor. Lulu agrees to think about it. Before leaving she wants Lulu to remember that she and Dante need each other. Later, Dante comes home and thinks they can fix things by having another baby.

Franco grabs Kevin's phone and hangs up for him at General Hospital. He begs Kevin for his help and thinks he'll go insane if he doesn't tell someone what he did. Kevin confirms their discussion is confidential before Franco admits he killed his mother. Kevin's heard Heather's his mother and knows his father, Scott who used to be married to his wife Lucy. Franco wonders what she ever saw in that 'cold fish of a jerk' but Kevin wants to talk about Heather. Franco complains about Heather's obsession with Carly and how she threatened her with cryptic messages and dead roses. He found her yesterday preparing to kill Carly but he stabbed her during their argument. He had to kill Heather to save Carly. Kevin agrees he had no choice and questions whether the police agreed. Franco didn't tell the police. He buried her in the cemetery and expresses how weird it was that there was already a freshly dug grave there waiting for him. Kevin can't divulge anything unless Franco is a danger to someone else or to himself. Franco doesn't know and worries because his mother is psychotic. Kevin knows Scott isn't but Franco doesn't find Scott the poster boy for compassion either. Kevin thinks killing Heather is an isolated incident and they'll learn more in future seasons. Franco's relieved since Carly's the best thing that happened to him and he doesn't want to lose her.

At the Metro Court, Scott wants to know why Lucy wants to find Kevin and tell him they slept together. Lucy overheard all the nice things Kevin said about her. Scott reminds her how furious she was with Kevin but she only heard how much he wants to change things. Scott asks if what they did last night meant anything to her. It does, but they can only ever be friends. Scott agrees they can be, but doesn't think she should tell Kevin they slept together. If she does, it will hurt them all and she couldn't see him. Later, Carly startles Franco in the hall. He confesses talking to someone who gave him some hope after she asks about his job search.

Lucy goes to Kevin's office and Kevin grabs her. He wants to fix their marriage and she does too. They kiss and promise that no one will come between them.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Silas visits Sam with a "Ho, ho, ho!"

Spence wants Nikolas to marry Britt.

Lulu's scared to try for another baby.

Olivia's sorry that Sonny lost out on when Dante was a child.

Ellie asks Spinelli if he's having second thoughts.

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