GH Recap: Knock 'Em Dead.

Monday, December 9th, 2013

AJ takes the stand against Diane's wishes, Maxie makes a decision for Ellie and Spinelli, and Sonny and Shawn pay Carlos a visit.

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Maxie interrupts Spinelli and Ellie at the apartment. Before she can find out what they were worried about doing to her she announces that Robin's alive. They know. Maxie thinks she can handle anything now but worries that they have bad news. Ellie explains about her job offer and Spinelli's interest in joining her but they don't want to take Connie away. Maxie thinks Ellie should take the job and that Spinelli should take Connie and go since she'll be less tempted to break the law. It's better that Connie doesn't lose both her parents if he stays and Maxie can't keep away.

Robin introduces herself as Patrick's wife at Sabrina's door. Sabrina knows who she is. Robin realizes she has a lot in common with Emma after learning Sabrina's mother died when she was young. She thanks Sabrina for taking care of Emma when she couldn't. Sabrina knows she couldn't replace Robin in Emma's life – or in Patrick's. Robin understands that Sabrina didn't replace her but knows she's found a place in Patrick's heart. Robin admits she didn't go home with him after the wedding because Patrick didn't break things off with Sabrina. He can't make the decision and Robin wants Sabrina to make it for him. Let her husband go so she can have her family back. It's not Sabrina's decision to make, it's Patrick's. Robin reminds her that Patrick doesn't want to hurt anyone and Sabrina should make him go back to his family if she loves him.

At the courthouse, Shawn confirms that Carlos has no connection to Lily's family. Sonny's ready to proceed as planned. Inside the courtroom, Michael advises AJ to listen to his lawyer after Diane warns him not to take the stand. AJ wants the jury to hear the truth. Diane refuses to represent him if he doesn't listen. He thanks her, and then fires her. Diane leaves and the judge asks AJ what he has to say. AJ returned to Port Charles intending to be a better man and father. He was until Connie wrote her article and he spiraled out of control. After blacking out that night, he can't remember anything but taking the gun from Tracy's safe and going to Crimson. He doesn't remember killing Connie and believes someone else could have. On cross examination Scott asks if AJ's intent was to kill Connie. AJ confesses it was, but he doesn't remember pulling the trigger. Later, AJ apologizes to Michael for torpedoing his case but Michael thinks AJ was amazing. Scott announces the jury reached a verdict.

At Carlos' apartment, Patrick promises Carlos he's a dead man if he goes near Sabrina. Carlos warns it will take someone with more wherewithal than Patrick to take him down. Patrick's not impressed with his threats just because Carlos works for the Jeromes. Carlos plans to make Patrick look like the bad guy when he wipes the floor with him. He'll be there to pick Sabrina up when Patrick's done torturing her. Patrick leaves. Later, Sonny and Shawn pay Carlos a visit.

At the Metro Court, Heather pulls a knife out of her bag. She jokingly apologizes to Franco that Carly can't come to the phone right now when he rings Carly's cell. Suddenly, Franco grabs her as she approaches the bathroom. He's certain she made the call to get him to leave. She denies it. Franco grabs her knife and calls her a miserable psycho. He wonders why she's not locked up. She needed to come back and put an end to Carly. He reminds Heather that he warned her he'd put an end to her if she ever harmed Carly. She doesn't think Franco would do that to his own mother, but he stabs her. Heather touches his face with her bloodied hand and forgives him. She claims she'll always love her son before collapsing on the bed. Franco falls on her and says he warned her. He doesn't want Carly to know and wraps Heather up in the bedding. Heather's body is in a laundry cart when Diane finds Franco and asks him what he's doing. He claims it's his job. Alone on the elevator, he gets Carly's message to "knock 'em dead" in the interview.

At General Hospital, Patrick pretends to be fine but Epiphany knows he's not. She wonders who he went home with after the wedding. He confesses he went home alone. His love for Sabrina hasn't gone away but he loves Robin too. Epiphany tells him he's human.

Carlos is on his knees at the cemetery. Sonny and Shawn taunt him. Julian needs to stay alive to save Danny and Sonny promised Kiki he wouldn't kill her mother. That leaves Carlos. Carlos tells them to shoot. They give him shovel and Sonny says, "Start digging."

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Scott thinks both he and AJ know that AJ's a murderer.

Tracy thinks it's curtains for AJ.

Lucy wants to have a chat with Franco about Heather.

Sam wants to warn Carly.

Ava's worried about Carlos.

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