GH Recap: No Second Thoughts.

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Sabrina prepares to get married, Patrick visits the lab at General Hospital, and Anna and Robert look for Nikolas at Wyndemere.

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At the apartment, Maxie asks Ellie how Connie is. Ellie lets her know that Sam's tutoring her and Spinelli in infant care. Connie's fine. Maxie's sad that Ellie is the mother to Connie. Ellie tries to console her but Maxie doesn't know how she'll ever get Connie back when she doesn't think she'll be a better person in six months. Later, Maxie reminds Mac and Felicia that she's not going to the wedding when they arrive. She'd only be thinking how she'd wish she could be there with her baby. They think Emma would want her there and Mac produces a dress when she confesses she doesn't have a thing to wear.

At Sabrina's, Emma worries there won't be a wedding…Felix is saying bad words while fixing Sabrina's dress. Sabrina explains it's part of Felix's process. Emma hopes Sabrina will marry her daddy today. Sabrina's waited a long time for this day and knows it will happen. Felix comes out announcing her dress is her something old and something new. Emma hands her a pink ribbon for something borrowed and Felix advises against Sabrina wearing a turquoise necklace from Carlos as something blue. Emma worries it's bad luck when Sabrina's ready to take her chances to go without a something blue. Felix calls Ellie.

At the penthouse, Spinelli thanks Sam for helping him with Connie as Sam gets ready for the wedding. Silas arrives and wonders what this date will be like since all their other dates have been disasters. Sam asks Ellie if she's going to the wedding when she arrives. Ellie didn't get an invitation. Felix calls to borrow something blue and straightens out the problem of the missing invitation. Spinelli decides he can't tear himself away from Connie to go but encourages Ellie to go. Before she leaves, Maxie arrives with a gift.

Back at Sabrina's, Felix asks what's wrong and she tells him she's certain she left an invitation for Ellie at the lab. She considers Carlos told the truth about seeing Robin who might have taken the invitation but Felix thinks there's no way that's possible.

Robin and Anna rush into each other's arms at Wyndemere. Both are crying as Robert holds back his own emotion. Anna knew she was alive but couldn't trust it until now. She will never lose her again. The three of them are hugging when Duke startles them from behind the wall. He's happy to see Robin and hugs her, requesting 'no more tears, unless they're happy tears'. Robin can't believe they are all really there – it's the moment she's been dreaming of. Anna wants Robin to go home to Emma and Patrick. Robin shows her the wedding invitation. Anna is eager for her to go but Robin won't leave until she knows Nikolas is accounted for and safe. Anna and Robert go to look for Nikolas and Duke encourages Robin to call Patrick. After Robin leaves a message that she's coming home, Anna and Robert report back that there is no sign of Luke, Faison or Nikolas.

Elizabeth asks Patrick what's wrong when she arrives at his house. Robin's on his mind. Ava came and relayed that Carlos saw Robin in the lab. He thinks he should go to the lab and check it out. Elizabeth reminds him that Robin's gone and Ava's a liar. She doesn't think he should chase Robin's ghost now. Later, Epiphany shows up looking for the groom and is upset to learn people are messing with Patrick. She doesn't let Elizabeth answer the phone as they leave.

In the lab, Britt explains how she had no choice but to tell Patrick that Brad was the father. He reminds her that Ben looks nothing like him. She should tell him what's going on or he's going to expose he's not the father. Britt's not buying his wish for redemption to save Felix's friend from embarrassment and thinks he wants to play hero like when he exposed Connie's true parents. Brad just wants to do the right thing. Britt yells she can't talk about things; actual matters of life and death are involved. He should just shut up about Robin. Brad realizes Britt answered his question and says, "So Robin is alive," as Patrick walks into the lab. Patrick thinks Brad is finally taking an interest in his son and shows him a photo of Robin. It's his late wife and asks Brad if he's seen her. Brad claims he didn't start working there until after she died before Britt tells Patrick it's not too late to call off the wedding if he's having second thoughts. He regrets having this conversation with her but Britt advises if he's stuck on Robin, he should wait. Patrick says that he's having no second thoughts.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Spinelli wants Maxie to leave.

Patrick tells Epiphany that nothing will stop him from marrying Sabrina.

Lucy breaks the news to Sabrina that she can't marry her and Patrick.

Sam shares with Silas that she thinks there is hope for the rest of them.

Britt learns that Faison may have Nikolas.

Nikolas is punched by one someone.

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