GH Recap: Switzerland Wasn't A Dream.

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Juan Santiago arrives in Port Charles, Luke and Faison face off at Wyndemere, and Brad threatens Britt at the lab.

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Juan Santiago's arrival surprises Sabrina, Felix and Elizabeth at the apartment. Sabrina introduces him to Emma and Felix, but he knows Elizabeth and gives her a heartfelt hug. Sabrina wonders why he's there and he holds up her dress. She opens the cover and cries. It's her mother's wedding dress. She wants Juan to stay but he's still on tour and leaves. He asks Emma to take care of his cousin for him. Elizabeth walks him out, and thanks him. He misses hanging out with her and Emily and shares he's married. He tells Elizabeth to have fun at the wedding, "You never know what could happen." She returns inside and finds Sabrina overjoyed at the turn of events.

Patrick opens his door and sees Ava. He remembers who she is and thinks she and her brother are bad news. He cuts her short to get ready for his wedding but it's why she's there. Ava doesn't believe he should be having a wedding so soon. He wonders why she cares and asks if she's threatening him for Carlos. Ava tells him that Robin's alive. Patrick thinks their game is sick and compliments her on the phone call pretending to be Robin. Ava didn't call and confesses that Carlos saw Robin alive. He told Sabrina. Maybe a part of her knows it's true if she didn't tell Patrick. He doesn't know why Ava is doing this. Robin would be with him if she was in Port Charles. Ava cares for Carlos and he loves Sabrina. He can be with the woman he loves, and maybe Patrick can be too. He shouldn't be so quick to marry if there was even the slightest change she was alive. Alone, Patrick looks at his family photo with Robin.

Brad wonders what Britt's doing in the lab and won't let her leave with Luke's blood. He wants to know who the woman was that Nikolas brought to the lab. Britt says, "It's none of your business," and Brad questions if that's because it was Patrick's dead wife. Britt jokes it's insane and thinks Carlos sounds like an idiot but wants to know what Brad told him. Brad hasn't said anything but cares because of the relationship he's building with Felix. If she doesn't tell him, he'll have to confess he's not the father of Ben.

At Wyndemere, Obrecht tells Duke their alliance is over and points a gun at him in the catacombs. Anna surprises them but Obrecht claims she's too late to save Duke and wants Anna to drop her gun. Obrecht's done everything Faison's asked, but he only cares for Anna. She threatens to shoot Duke to hurt Anna. Anna promises that if she does, it will be her last act on earth. Obrecht would rather die where she stands than give Anna a moment's peace. Anna invites her to let Duke go and kill her. Duke begs Anna not to sacrifice herself for him. Obrecht won't be bested by her, so Anna puts her gun down and begs her not to kill Duke. Obrecht decides to shoot Anna but Duke breaks free and takes her gun. Anna and Duke kiss after Obrecht is tied up. She confesses going off with Robert to find Robin. They know she's at Wyndemere. Duke yells for her to go find her daughter. Upstairs, Robin is ready to attack whoever is about to burst through her door. Robert breaks in and can't believe that he's looking at Robin. She rushes over and hugs him. Robert knew when he saw her in Switzerland that it wasn't a dream. Robin's been worried that Jerry would kill them and has hid from Patrick and Emma to keep them safe. She's eager to see Anna and have her family back. Robert's ready to make it happen. Downstairs, Luke calls to Faison from the living room. Faison comes through the wall. He's happy that Luke has joined the party. Luke asks where Duke and Robin are as they circle each other, guns at the ready. Faison doesn't think Luke has it in him to pull the trigger. Luke remembers how Faison stole Lucky, just like he stole Robin from Anna and Robert. Faison taunts, "If you really want to kill me, don't you think you would have already shot me." Luke shoots and Faison falls to the floor. He wishes Faison well in hell but remembers he should check Faison's pulse. Faison overpowers him when he does and the tables are turned. He's ready to shoot Luke when Robert bursts through the door. Luke knocks Faison over and takes the gun. Robert wonders where Anna is. They tie Faison up and go to look for Duke and Anna. They hear activity near the wall and Robert pulls his gun but both he and Anna surprise each other. She asks after Robin and Robert tells her to see for herself. Anna cries when she turns around and sees Robin.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Robin tells Anna that Patrick's getting married.

Silas wonders what his next date will be like with Sam.

Maxie isn't going to the wedding.

Emma doesn't think there's going to be a wedding.

Epiphany is looking for the groom.

Patrick finds Britt and Brad in the lab.

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