GH Recap: Don't Say I Didn't Warn You.

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Dante and Lulu say goodbye to Connie, AJ's trial begins, and Carly confesses something to Felix.

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At Maxie's, Spinelli prepares to vacate the apartment even though Maxie's their baby's mother. Diane shows up to remind him that Maxie is not allowed within 20 feet of Connie or he'll lose custody. Maxie nods in agreement. Diane gives Spinelli his bill and waves Maxie's fee. She's sorry she didn't win. Before Spinelli leaves, Maxie asks him to take care of Connie. When Mac and Felicia arrive, she yells that she doesn't want to see anyone. They comfort her.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth puts the paper with a headline reading "Did AJ Kill Connie?" down. She's read it's an open and shut case. Ellie shares that Maxie was found unfit. Elizabeth didn't intend to ruin things but she had to tell the truth. She hates courtrooms. Ellie wonders if she'll be at AJ's trial. Later, Spinelli arrives worried for Maxie. He receives a text that it's time and Ellie agrees to get Connie with him.

Dante asks Lulu if she's okay as she carries Connie around the apartment making plans to take her to the park. Olivia and Sonny arrive to say their goodbyes. Without baby Connie, they wouldn't have gotten through losing Connie. Lulu can't believe Maxie will be raising her. Olivia announces she won't – Spinelli won custody. They leave and Lulu pines over their hollow victory and blames Dante for their loss. He lied about Sonny shooting him, why couldn't he lie to save his wife or daughter? Dante couldn't because Connie isn't their daughter. She didn't belong and they have to face this. Dante confesses his love as they bond with Connie until Spinelli arrives. They say their goodbyes and hand Connie to Spinelli. Lulu collapses in Dante's arms at the door.

Felix discusses Patrick and Sabrina's wedding with Carly at the Metro Court when she blurts out, "I slept with Franco." She asks him not to judge but how can he not? Felix doesn't think that Franco's not being a Quartermaine gives him an excuse for sleeping with Diane. Carly knows he wasn't but Felix believes she should run the other way if Heather is his mother. Nearby, Heather peeks around the corner as Carly tells Felix that Franco's changed. She promises not to judge his decisions with Brad if he doesn't judge hers. Felix reminds Carly that he always has her back, but 'don't say I didn't tell you so.' Upstairs, Franco calls Miscavage to verify that Heather is locked up. He grabs a vase when there's a knock at the door and swings it in the air when he opens it. Scott stops him, and sees Franco thought it was his mother. Franco shows Scott the note Heather sent, threatening Carly, and asks what the new D.A. intends to do about it. This is a bad time for Scott. Lazaro is mobilizing a recount because of Heather's declaration that Franco is their son. He doesn't want to get involved with the situation while he's reestablishing his reputation in Port Charles. He didn't know Franco was his son, but would like him to keep his distance. Franco shows him the door. Later, Heather shows up. Franco wants her to leave Carly alone or he'll kill her. Heather doesn't think he'd kill her but he throws her up against the wall and says, "Watch me." Everyone thinks he's changed but he has it in him. Miscavage employees arrive and as they take her away, Heather jokes that they're the same men who helped her escape.

Kiki stops Michael at the court house to pick up a heads-up penny for him. Monica joins them as AJ is brought out in shackles. AJ's grateful for the support but one person is missing, Elizabeth. Outside the court room, Sonny confronts Scott with Olivia on his arm. He believes he's in Julian's pocket and doesn't want him to lose AJ's trial. Scott warns him for threatening him. Diane points out that Scott has a lot to lose when she shows up. They follow Elizabeth in who doesn't have a chance to talk to AJ. Opening arguments begin with Scott certain that the jury will find AJ a cold-blooded killer. Diane claims there is a miscarriage of justice and the real murderer is still out there. Sonny's first on the stand. He recounts the night AJ choked and threatened Connie before explaining how he found her the night she died. He confirms he found 'AJ' drawn in Connie's blood. On cross examination, Diane suggests Sonny had motive to write 'AJ' himself but Sonny denies it. Scott calls Elizabeth next who didn't see AJ strangling Carly at Sonny's but did hear him threaten her there and later, when he told her "if he had a gun he'd kill her." Olivia yells at Elizabeth for not saying anything and AJ hangs his head down as Elizabeth leaves. Olivia's called to the stand to authenticate security footage from the Metro Court of the night Connie was murdered.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Robin doesn't think Carlos knows who she is.

Ava wants Carly to tell Patrick that Robin's alive.

Felix asks Sabrina what Carlos is up to.

Elizabeth worries she sent AJ away for the rest of his life.

AJ thinks he killed Connie.

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