GH Recap: Accept It.

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

The judge makes a ruling in the custody hearing, Felix and Brad make plans together, and Carlos claims he saw Robin.

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At General Hospital, Brad realizes he was supposed to be doing something important when he returns with Felix from wedding dress hunting. He asks Felix to dinner and is shocked when Felix agrees. Patrick sees the exchange and warns Felix after, not to trust Brad. Felix respects Patrick's feelings but thinks Brad probably is having a hard time accepting a child that doesn't look like him. Felix is giving Brad a chance. Patrick doesn't have time to hold a grudge now that he has Sabrina. Felix can't wait for them to get married but wants to know if Patrick loves her with his whole heart. Patrick confesses Robin always came first but now that she's gone, Sabrina comes first. Outside the lab, Sabrina is 'so over' anything Carlos has to say about Patrick. He asks, "What if I tell you his wife is still alive?" Sabrina shakes her head in disbelief and asks where he saw her. He points into the lab. Sabrina thinks he's mistaken but Carlos knows she was there claiming to be Epiphany. He remembers seeing her photo at Patrick's. Brad interrupts and refuses to tell them anything about who was working in the lab. He peeks in the window and wonders aloud, "Where the hell did she go?" Sabrina asks, "Who?" Brad decides they must be in the middle of something and tries to leave but Carlos stops to ask him if he's looking for Robin. Brad realizes Nikolas was up to something but tells them he was looking for Ellie. Alone, Carlos asks Sabrina if Ellie looks like the woman in Patrick's family portrait. Sabrina thinks it's crazy but he warns her all her wedding preparations will be for naught. Later, Felix goes to the lab and invites Brad to the wedding. He accepts. Meanwhile, Carlos sees Patrick embracing Sabrina as he leaves.

At Wyndemere, Robin tells Britt and Nikolas that Jerry's cure will be synthesized within 48 hours. Suddenly, Luke announces his arrival and Robin hides. Luke fills Britt and Nikolas in on Faison and Obrecht's activities. Nikolas isn't interested in going to Cassidine Island but Luke won't let that stop him – he'll go to 'Wacko Island' on his own. Robin interrupts, saying, "Luke, no!" He's shocked to see her and surprised she's the doctor who saved him. He wants her parents to know she's alive and must help them. Robin explains Luke is already helping them…she's working on a cure from his blood. Luke wants to save Sean instead and let Jerry die. They can't do that or her parents will die.

At the court house, everyone speculates why the judge called them back so soon. Ellie rushes in and sits behind Spinelli. Lulu pulls her hand away when Dante tries to hold it. Maxie worries when the judge recognizes that the Falconeri's have been raising the child as their own but soon Lulu is crushed. The baby is not Lulu's child and perjury is a serious offense. Lulu screams, she's sorry she lied and begs him not to take her child away. The judge's decision has been made and he throws down the gavel as Lulu runs out of the court room alone. Dante thanks Alexis, and then runs out before the judge continues. Maxie asks when she will get Connie but the judge isn't awarding her custody either. While Diane calms Maxie, the judge awards Connie to Spinelli. Maxie asks Spinelli to do something. He stands up and admits the judge's ruling is unfair and asks if Maxie can see the baby. The judge won't allow visitation for six months and requests Maxie to think about the damage she has done. Maxie's stunned.

Olivia startles Tracy when she brings Connie back to Luke's room at the Metro Court. She was about to call the police but Tracy promises her that no one will take Connie from Lulu and Dante. Olivia knows the judge will make that decision soon. Olivia thanks Tracy for the roses for her cousin Connie's funeral. Tracy feels responsible for Connie's death but Olivia reminds her she wasn't the one who pulled the trigger. They can't wait for Dante and Lulu and decide to head to the courthouse. Lulu's at the door when Tracy opens it. She lies about winning custody when they ask. Olivia knew the judge wouldn't take the baby away from her but Tracy looks at Lulu suspiciously. She tells Lulu there's no rush as she grabs Connie's things and tries to leave. Dante bursts in and Olivia rushes over to congratulate him. Lulu wants to leave but Dante announces they lost the baby. He's sorry but can't let her take Connie. Tracy tells her to listen to Dante. Lulu can't lose Connie, she can't accept it. Dante says, "We already lost."

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly tells Felix she slept with Franco.

Franco threatens Heather.

Lulu yells at Dante for not having her back.

Diane warns Spinelli that he could lose his daughter.

Ellie guesses Elizabeth won't be at AJ's trial.

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