The Cost.

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

Michael's life is in danger at the pier, Julian wants Alexis' trust, and Franco wants to prove something to Carly.

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Carly and Franco kiss passionately in his room. Carly wants Franco but tries to fight it. He asks, "Why?" She doesn't know if she can trust him with her children. He never meant for Michael to get hurt and realizes it's not enough. He only remembers waking up from his surgery and she was there. He's terrified about reverting back to what he was but doesn't think it will happen. Carly cries, she wants him, but she can't. She leaves as Franco stands behind telling himself to let her go.

Ava's certain that Shawn is waiting for Julian outside. Sonny says he's just protecting his family and asks if Alexis wants that too. Sam worries about her family too and asks if anybody's thought about Danny. She's desperate; if Sonny kills Julian, they'll have to search for months to find a new donor if Danny's leukemia returns. Alexis wants Sonny to drop whatever he has planned. Sonny never meant to put Danny in danger. He apologizes to Sam before accusing Julian of not going to the hospital to have tests done in advance. He points out Julian's holding Danny hostage to save his skin and leaves. Sam wonders if it's true and asks if she'll see him at the hospital tomorrow. Julian loves Danny but if Silas has a way to bank his marrow he'd be in danger of Sonny killing him if he allowed that. Sam thinks Sonny was right and leaves angry. Ava wants Silas to get Sam to see reason but he doesn't want Ava talking to him. Alexis won't let Julian go after Sam and warns him against playing games with her family. She advises he worry about his relationship with Carly, Sonny and her are tight. Julian claims he was never interested in Carly. He realizes Alexis is angry but asks her to trust him like she did once a long time ago. She asks if she's being seduced and he kisses her passionately. He pulls away and says, "I remember you. See you soon," and leaves. Outside, Carlos startles Shawn who pulls a gun on him. He claims he's the security guard and knows Shawn works for Sonny. Carlos tells him he has no business here. Sonny comes out as Shawn advises Carlos to stand down. Sonny says they can leave. It's over. Alone, Shawn mentions he didn't get Carlos' name. Carlos doesn't give it but thinks they'll see more of each other since their bosses are on a collision course. Shawn doesn't agree and says, "You won't even see me coming."

At the pier, Kiki screams, "Morgan, what have you done?" after Michael's head hits a piling and he falls into the water. She's desperate for Morgan to help but he thinks his brother's fine when Michael surfaces. He pulls away from Kiki and leaves. She yells for Michael to swim towards the dock but he goes under. No one answers her calls for help and she jumps in. A moment later she's up for air as Franco and Carly rush over and pull her out of the water. She's choking and says that Michael hit his head and is down there. Franco jumps in as Carly calls 911. Franco pulls Michael out and Carly gives him CPR until he comes to. He doesn't let Kiki tell Carly that he and Morgan were fighting. Michael refuses medical treatment and everyone leaves the pier. Alone, Morgan walks over to where Michael fell in. Ava finds him and is sorry he's been injured. She tried to warn him there'd be a cost pitting himself against his father. Morgan knows he will pay and Ava promises to help him.

Max drags Olivia back into the restaurant against her will and complains about the black eye she gave him. He knows she cares about 'the boss' and Sonny cares about her too. Olivia hopes Sonny's ready for a relationship but worries their moment came and went. Later, Sonny returns and confesses how Morgan deliberately betrayed him. Olivia wants to help. He just wants her there. They make love.

At the penthouse, TJ worries about Shawn, who's working for Sonny. He's not answering TJ's calls. Molly says Alexis works for Sonny too, they're fine. TJ knows Alexis doesn't carry a gun to work. They're playing a video game when Silas and Sam come in. Sam rushes upstairs to check on him and Silas sends the kids out for pizza. Alone, Silas offers to stay. Before they can kiss, Danny cries and they talk about another rain check.

In bed, Kiki thinks Michael should have told Carly about the fight at the pier. She's upset Morgan left him there to drown. Michael still has hope that Morgan can be saved from the Jeromes.

Carly returns to Franco's room to give him his jacket but before leaving admits she wants to take that leap. He pulls her into a kiss and they end up making love.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Tracy doesn't want the cops to know anything.

Franco and Carly wake up together.

Spinelli receives advice to marry Maxie.

Maxie worries she won't get Connie.

Alexis slaps Julian.

Sonny asks if Olivia wants to talk about what happened.

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