Who Am I?

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Sonny confronts Morgan, Carly thinks Franco needs a friend, and Sam and Alexis learn the truth about Derek Wells.

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Outside the gallery, Sam confides to Silas all the bad things that Heather's done to destroy her family. He reminds Sam that Danny is safe and healthy. Sam thinks Silas is the real hero…he saved Danny's life with Derek. Silas names her attributes and she believes he's as strong and determined as she is...someone who will ask for what he wants. He asks to kiss her and she obliges. Inside, Sonny announces the party's not over and suggests Michael ask his brother why he's there. Ava worries Sonny knows about the bug and thinks he has a gun. Sonny accuses Morgan of spying and wants to know why he would stab him in the back. Derek won't let Ava stop the confrontation, eager to see how it plays out. Morgan admits giving a recording to Scott of Sonny and Lazaro's conversation about Julian's file. Alexis doesn't understand why Sonny's having this conversation in front of other people. Sonny asks who she thinks put Morgan up to this as he looks at Derek. Kiki and Michael think Ava did and Sonny asks if it's true. Morgan admits no one made him do it; he did it on his own when Sonny chose Michael over him. Michael explains to Morgan how the Jeromes were playing him. Sonny's heart is broken but Morgan claims his was broke first – he meant to betray Sonny. Michael follows Morgan out when he leaves. Silas and Sam see each leave. Neither responds when she calls. Her and Silas go inside and find Kiki accusing Ava of playing her too. Sonny stops Kiki; Ava is not the brains of the operation. Derek points out that Sonny's talking about him but Kiki blames Ava and runs to find Michael and Morgan. Alexis updates Sam and Silas about the bug in Sonny's office but questions Derek's involvement. They're not surprised after learning Ava is a true Jerome. Derek explains his name is not Derek Wells, it's Julian Jerome. Sam thought he was dead. Sonny gives up the information about him being in witness protection. Sam still can't believe it's true and calmly questions Derek. Derek tells Alexis he remembers New Hampshire. It all came together after he held Danny. He had no choice but to keep it from Sam. He loves them and wanted to claim them as his family but it wasn't meant to happen. Once he leaves the gallery, he's a dead man – Sonny has people waiting for him.

At the Metro Court Franco hears someone come in and tells Diane to go away but it's Carly. She's worried after Heather dumped the news on him that she's his mother. Franco doesn't believe he can blame his craziness on his tumor anymore. He has crazy genes thanks to his mother. Carly doesn't want him to let Heather do this to him; he's still who he is. He wonders who he really is and blames Scott Baldwin for his existence. Franco doesn't want to talk about this anymore and yells at her to go back to her boyfriend. He's surprised she's still there. Carly isn't kicking him out…and she's not involved with Derek. He's not involved with Diane either. Carly gets that Heather was the groupie. They argue about their fake relationships with Derek and Diane. Franco wants Carly to know there's only one woman in the world for him. Carly only wanted the truth – he could have told her about Heather. Franco couldn't let her know that he sunk that low after he couldn't make art. He didn't want to lose her. Carly knows he will be amazing again after a little time but Franco doesn't know. He used to be defined by something else and focused on Jason. It was all a lie and he has nothing to give to her. She doesn't want to leave him; he needs a friend. He doesn't want a friend or her pity. She says it isn't pity, and kisses him.

Michael finds Morgan at the docks. He's angry about the danger Morgan's put Sonny in. Michael warns Morgan about how the business works but Morgan thinks Michael is overreacting. Michael wishes if this was all about him and Kiki that Morgan would have taken this up with him instead of serving up Sonny on a silver platter to the enemy. Michael knows Sonny loves Morgan and was out of his mind when he ruined his marriage. Morgan blames Michael for stealing Kiki but Michael's tired of his 'poor me act'. He warns Morgan not to hit him again and punches him. Morgan goes after him. They fight and Michael tells him to think about Sonny lying in a pool of blood the next time he's in bed with Ava. Morgan will never forgive Michael for stealing his wife and Michael will never forgive Morgan if something happens to Sonny. Kiki arrives while they are struggling and screams for Michael to stop. He does and Morgan hits him instead. Michael's head hits a pier piling and he falls into the water.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly wants Franco but she can't.

Kiki jumps into the water.

Carlos asks Shawn not to shoot him.

Sam wants to know if Derek still plans on helping Danny.

Sonny returns to Olivia, upset.

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