Too Late.

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Olivia has a confusing encounter with Morgan, Scott and Lucy learn something about Lazaro, and Silas attends the opening with Sam.

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At GH, Silas can't believe Franco's the generous type who decided to help support pediatric leukemia research. Sam thinks Franco likes to surprise people. Silas doesn't want to go to the opening but Sam's interested in keeping her eye on Franco. He knows she's more interested in Ava and warns her to be careful – Ava fights dirty.

At the polling place, Morgan hands Scott the flash drive 'from a friend' that would allow him to take down Lazaro before he takes down Scott. Lucy's not sure about this so Scott asks who Morgan's friend is. Nearby, Olivia sees the exchange and wants to know why he's talking to Scott. He was just showing his support to Scott but imagines Lazaro has her vote since she has to follow orders. Olivia's confused and just wanted to talk to Morgan about Sonny but Morgan is angry over Sonny breaking his promise and telling the truth at his wedding party. She thinks they both could have handled this better, but it's not too late. Morgan knows it's already too late. Meanwhile, Lucy wants to know why Heather was in the voting booth with Scott. They worry Lazaro will make an issue out of it and go find a room to listen to the recording on the flash drive of Lazaro speaking with Sonny. Scott's certain he's won when he hears it and dances around with Lucy, pulling her close. She pulls away from being caught up in the moment and asks why Morgan would give him evidence incriminating Sonny. Scott doesn't care. They bump into Lazaro when they leave. Both admit they're about to report the other.

Heather's appalled to find her striped paintings on display at the Jerome Gallery. Franco's art dealer, Sebastian, joins her and brags about Franco's genius. She agrees but adds, "They're mine." Sebastian says, "They can be for a price," and introduces himself. Heather introduces herself as an escaped mental patient and he laughs agreeing they're all a little mad. Sebastian steps away and signs Diane's papers. Heather overhears them gush over Franco's art. Before Diane can intercept her to make a sale, Heather hides and eavesdrops. Sebastian understands when Diane has to get ready since she's being escorted to the opening by the artist himself.

At the Metro Court, Derek and Ava listen in on Sonny's discussion with Max on the computer. He intends to take Derek out – Julian Jerome dies tonight outside of the gallery. Ava's glad she talked Derek out of killing Morgan but she's upset Derek still plans to attend the opening. Sonny has his plan for the night…now Derek has his. This all ends tonight. No one can get a gun into the gallery except him when he comes in through the back. Ava doesn't want him shooting up her gallery. Carly approaches Franco's room and lets him know she's going to the opening with Derek. Franco knows something she doesn't know…Derek is sleeping with her son. That's ludicrous, Morgan's sleeping with Ava. Franco thinks they're both sleeping with him but Carly doesn't believe him even when he saw Derek dressed in a robe when Morgan left his room and he told him, "Nobody needs to know about our relationship." Carly doesn't believe him and wants Franco to worry about selling his paintings before he's in the poor house. He wants to tell her something about his art but can't and she leaves. Later, Franco tells Diane he's not going when she comes to pick him up.

Michael explains Sonny's business difficulties with Kiki at the restaurant. She stops him from telling Sonny about Ava. Her mom's an art dealer, not a gangster. Sonny's problems began when Ava came to town. He has to tell Sonny but Kiki wants to find proof first. Sonny comes out of his office and asks Michael what's wrong. Michael knows people are after him and wants him to watch his back. Sonny's proud of him and doesn't want him to worry. Kiki apologizes and admits they found out the truth about her mother's brother being Julian Jerome.

At the gallery opening, Sebastian wants the bartender to keep Heather's glass full. Sam arrives with Silas and can't believe this is Franco's work. Derek joins them and Sam admits she's not a Franco fan but came because he was making a donation to pediatric leukemia research. Derek says, "He didn't." Carly arrives before Derek can explain and Sam questions if they are seeing each other. Carly confesses she just learned he's seeing Morgan, too. Derek admits Morgan was in his room, but he's not sleeping with him. Carly wants to know what kind of relationship he has with her son. Ava enters the gallery announcing the gig is up and it's time he told everybody the truth.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Olivia tells Sonny that Morgan's in big trouble.

Scott expects Lazaro's resignation.

TJ is worried for Shawn.

Diane thinks the opening will go off flawlessly.

Carly attacks Ava when Morgan arrives at the opening.

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