Election Day.

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Sam confronts Ava about her father, Derek gives Morgan another task, and Heather previews the art before Franco's opening.

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At GH, Kiki hopes Silas wants to see her about a job. It's about her mother. She doubts she wants to hear anything about Ava. Silas mentions it's about Sam and Ava's brother, Julian Jerome. He's dead but her grandmother Delia is alive and would like to meet her. Kiki's not surprised given all her mother's lies but wishes she had a clue she was related to these people. Silas thinks Ava was trying to cover up her mob ties. Kiki's glad he brought her the truth.

Sonny excuses Michael during their restaurant conversation when Max shows Lazaro in. Sonny thought he'd be busy with the election and Lazaro quips he has it in the bag. At the bar, Max gives Michael advice on being a brother while previewing desserts. Lazaro leaves and Michael asks Sonny why they've been meeting. He's worried about AJ getting a fair trial but Sonny doesn't want him to worry about that. Kiki arrives and shares with Michael how she didn't get a job, but she has a new grandmother, cousin and dead uncle. Michael explains who Julian Jerome is.

Diane supervises the moving men taking paintings out of Franco's room. She hopes they can keep it undercover that he didn't paint them. Carly passes by and stops to find out what the secret is if Franco and Diane aren't a couple. Diane won't chance Franco giving Carly the truth and pretends to be infatuated with him. She kisses him and rushes off for the gallery. Franco grabs Carly's arm and she asks, "What's left to say?" He doesn't reply and she leaves. Derek was hoping to see Carly when Morgan arrives to his room. They listen in on Sonny and hear Lazaro ask for the file on Julian Jerome back. The county is digitizing their files and he can't take a chance that they find it missing. Sonny can copy it if he wants. Sonny has all he needs. He knows Derek Wells is Julian Jerome and doesn't tell Lazaro how he'll handle it. Derek's impressed that Sonny already knew who he was when they met and understands he's waiting for Derek's next move. Morgan asks if Derek is going after Sonny first when Carly knocks. Morgan hides as Derek lets her in. They agree to meet at the gallery for the opening and she leaves. Alone, Derek has a job for Morgan and gives him a flash drive. In the hall, Franco overhears Derek remind Morgan that their relationship needs to remain discreet.

Scott stops Lucy from defacing Lazaro's poster and drags her into the polling place to vote. Heather watches nearby, dressed in scrubs with a surgical mask. She follows Scott into the voting booth eager to 'lobby the hell out of him'. She won't leave until she delivers her message. Lucy finishes voting first and notices Scott's not alone in his booth. She pulls the curtains and sees Heather. The three struggle while Heather extends an invitation to Franco's art show. Lazaro's surprised to see them exit the booth when he comes to vote. After he and Scott stop arguing, Morgan approaches Scott and gives him Derek's flash drive.

Sam finds Ava at the gallery to chat about her father. Ava wouldn't know anything about her father but Sam thinks different, he's Ava's brother. Ava claims she doesn't have a brother but that's not what Sam heard from Delia. Ava calls Delia a money grubbing liar and wants to know what any of this has to do with Sam. Sam just wants to know anything she can about her father. Julian would have been a devoted father. Ava wishes she got to know the Jeromes better but they were gone shortly after she met them. Sam recognizes that Ava's not gone but Ava doesn't care that they're related. She only cares enough to worry what will happen to Sam when she learns what Silas is keeping from her. Ava suggests Sam use her investigative skills to learn more. Sam doesn't believe Silas is keeping a secret. Diane interrupts and asks Sam if she's coming to the opening, especially since a portion of the proceeds will benefit pediatric leukemia research. Later, Heather arrives early and is surprised to see her paintings hung in the gallery.

Back at GH, Sam lets Silas know that Ava tried to divert the discussion back to his secret past. She respects his privacy.

At the Metro Court, Carly lets Franco know she's going with Derek to the opening. Franco knows something about Derek. Meanwhile, Ava meets with Derek. Their plans could be blown out of the water if Sam identifies him. It doesn't matter. Sonny knows who he is. They listen in on Sonny's conversation with Max. He plans on taking Derek out at the opening.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Franco tells Carly that Derek is sleeping with her son.

Silas wonders why Sam wants to go to Franco's show.

Scott questions what Morgan knows about Lazaro.

Kiki doesn't want Michael to tell Sonny what she knows.

Ava's worried that Sonny will kill Derek.

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