Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Elizabeth takes the boys trick-or-treating, Felix tries to understand Brad's actions, and Duke wonders what happened to Anna.

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Carly the black cat and Josslyn the ear of corn open the door to their first trick-or-treater…Franco dressed up as Andy Warhol. He won't go away and takes a picture of the sexy grumpy kitty. Carly lets him in when he claims he has a treat for her. Inside, Josslyn's tickled that Franco understands she's a 'children of the corn'. Franco knows it's tough to be misunderstood. Carly can't accept Franco's treat of an invitation to his opening since it's not plus one. Franco thought she was kidding but mentions Ava's silent partner doesn't need an invitation. Carly thinks that explains why she saw Ava and Derek together. Franco assures her that the art partners are sleeping together and she wonders why he cares…his girlfriend Diane might not like it. Franco wants Carly to stop it, she's the other woman and every minute she spends with Derek is a minute she should be spending with him. She should stop playing games with him; he knows she feels the same. Franco tries to kiss her but Josslyn calls to Carly who asks him to leave. Outside he tells himself he will wait until tomorrow night to win her heart. As he's leaving, someone in a big bad wolf costume approaches with a butcher knife.

At home, Patrick, a raider of the lost ark, is rescued by the team of Electro Woman and Dyno Girl. Elizabeth arrives with the boys and congratulates Sabrina and Patrick. While they talk Emma flirts with Cam. After they leave she announces she's getting married to Cam and is in a hurry to catch up with him at the GH party. Duke stops by and wonders if Patrick has heard from Anna. He hasn't but she might have talked to Nikolas when he and Britt went after Ben.

Dr. Obrecht, dressed as a beer frau, chases Robin through Wyndemere with Britt's costume. It's her favorite holiday and Britt won't dress up. Robin refuses to have fun and wants her to go cry on Faison's shoulder. Outside, Lesley prompts Spencer on what to say when his dad opens the door. Spencer rings the bell and yells "Trick-or-treat!" Faison opens the door dressed as Beetlejuice and yells back, "Trick!" Lesley lets out a blood-curdling scream. Britt finds Nikolas in his room and complains about Obrecht trying to dress Ben up as Rosemary's baby. She's losing her mind and is ready to kill them. Nikolas won't let her kill them yet, but promises her that he'll keep them away from Ben. No one's ever given their word to her before. Nikolas thinks that's a shame. He's about to kiss her when they hear a scream. Everyone rushes to the door to find Lesley passed out. Spencer blames Faison who claims Beetlejuice isn't bad, he's just misunderstood. Before Lesley comes to, Robin, Faison and Obrecht disappear and listen nearby. She awakes and remembers seeing Faison and wants to call the police. Nikolas claims it was Alfred but Spencer asks about the other ladies who ran off with Beetlejuice. Lesley doesn't remember. The bell rings – it's Elizabeth with the boys. They invite Spencer to the party. Robin overhears Cam tell him that he's going with his girlfriend, Emma Drake. Later, Britt disappoints her parents when she decides to take Ben to the party in a different costume. Outside, Nikolas, the dark prince, reminds Robin to watch her back before leaving. Alone, Robin looks at the costume Obrecht left behind. Later, Obrecht and Faison can't find Robin or the costume. Meanwhile, Duke approaches Wyndemere.

At the GH, Felix dressed as an Operation game asks where the popcorn balls are. Brad comes in dressed the same and replies that he has Felix's balls. Felix wants Brad to change…maybe into a deadbeat dad costume. Felix doesn't understand how Brad did the right thing for Spinelli's kid but he won't for his own. Elsewhere, Elizabeth questions Lesley about Faison when they arrive. She assures her that even if Faison wasn't in jail, Nikolas would never hide him. Nearby, Emma runs off to play with Cam while Patrick introduces Sabrina to Lesley. They see Cam run away. Emma's sad until Spencer steps in. At the party, Brad asks Felix, "What if I told you Britt's son isn't mine?" Britt and Nikolas enter the room. Later, Robin steps off the elevator at GH in a costume.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Derek asks Carly, "Trick or treat?"

Faison and Obrecht wonder why Lavery's at Wyndemere.

Sabrina's concerned for Elizabeth.

Epiphany approaches Robin from behind.

Felix confronts Britt about Ben not being Brad's baby.

Someone in a big bad wolf costume scares Franco with a knife.

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