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Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Sonny meets with Derek Wells, Carly finds Derek at Ava's place, and Spinelli and Ellie discuss their feelings.

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Spinelli realizes Maxie left the apartment and leaves her a message that she's making a big mistake. Ellie comes home and expects that Maxie went to get Connie. She's sorry to hear the court order was denied and stops Spinelli from going after Maxie. He needs to divorce himself from Maxie's actions to show he's a viable parent. Spinelli thanks her. She apologizes, wishing she told him the truth before Connie was born. It means something to Spinelli, he remembers the Ellie he fell in love with, but he can't let what happened go. She thinks he can let it go if he forgives her but she'll go if he needs space. He doesn't. They both love each other and kiss.

Maxie confronts Lulu at the Falconeri's for claiming she's an unfit mother. Lulu argues that Connie is as much her baby as if she had given birth. Maxie understands but this isn't fair. Lulu blames Maxie. Lulu was the one who prepared for Connie. She's more responsible than Maxie who killed a baby on New Year's Eve. Maxie's hurt and sorry for Lulu's loss, but it doesn't mean she can take her baby. Lulu will do anything to protect Connie from her, even airing her dirty laundry in court. Maxie knows all of Lulu's dirty secrets too. Lulu will see her in court.

Dante talks to Connie at the pier and warns her that things might get a little ugly since everyone loves her so much. Olivia arrives and wants to talk about who's going after Sonny. Dante's interested but Connie fusses. Dante thinks she's stressed over the custody fight. Olivia wonders if they can win. Dante doesn't think so unless they fight dirty. He's concerned about how it will affect Maxie and Lulu; they're like sisters. There's nothing to do but wait. He asks who's going after Sonny. She lies and asks him to keep an eye out. Sonny can take care of himself.

Shawn finds Sonny reviewing the file on Julian at the warehouse. Sonny confirms they have proof. Julian Jerome is alive and well, going by the name of Derek Wells. He remembers the Jerome family as being sloppy when unnerved and decides to call Derek to unnerve him.

At the penthouse, Ava argues with Derek that getting Morgan involved is not a good idea. He's ready to let Morgan prove himself. They'll hit Sonny where he lives. Derek tries to toast their successes but Ava guzzles her bourbon down. He goes to get another when Carly arrives. She refuses to leave without Morgan who's not there. She's surprised when Derek joins them with a drink and wants to know where all 'this art' is that he's supposedly buying. Derek's interrupted by a phone call from Sonny requesting they meet. Alone, Carly thinks Derek left in a hurry as if he didn't want her to see them together. She threatens to tell Morgan that Ava's sleeping with Derek. Morgan knows where he stands and has no problem with Derek. Ava thinks Carly's upset that she stole her son and boyfriend. Morgan lets himself in and laughs when Carly tells him Ava's sleeping with Derek. She promises to wipe Ava's smirk off her face soon.

Derek and his bodyguard show up at the warehouse. Sonny explains that his new enemies are causing trouble. Derek wonders what it has to do with him. Sonny's not an expert but Derek should come to him for a quote if he's going to report on his business. Derek's listening. Sonny can give him the name of the person who ordered the hit – Julian Jerome. Derek heard Julian Jerome is dead but Sonny thinks he could sell a lot of papers if he prints that he's alive…unless there's a reason he doesn't want to print it. Derek won't print the story without a second source. He wouldn't want to be sued by Julian Jerome if the story is false. Sonny knows if it's false, then Julian's a dead man and he'll find who's going after him.

Derek returns to the penthouse and asks Morgan if he got the job done. He did. The watch with the bug on it is in Sonny's office.

Sonny asks Michael what's wrong at the restaurant. Morgan was there returning the watch.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Franco wonders why Carly's interested in Derek.

Robin listens in on Elizabeth trick-or-treating on Spoon Island.

Brad and Felix wear similar costumes.

Emma announces she's getting married too.

Faison yells "Trick" to trick-or-treaters.

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