Not Just Friends.

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Sam and Silas discuss who Ava really is, Diane encourages Franco to go on with the show, and Morgan lays it on the line for Ava and Derek.

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In Franco's room, Diane reminds Franco how he admitted not painting the first striped painting when he tries to take credit for all the striped paintings in his room. Franco didn't paint the first one, but he painted all the other ones. He was inspired by his muse. Diane wants his muse's signature on a contract but Franco thinks she wants to remain anonymous. Diane's not buying it and thinks Franco's lost his mojo. He confides he couldn't paint. Diane's concerned the muse could make trouble and tells him about Stephen King's bestseller, Misery, about an obsessed fan torturing her favorite author. Is this woman not capable of that? Franco lies, claiming he has an oral contract with his muse to sell the art as his own. Diane warns he's perpetrating fraud. It could ruin their contract with Ava. Franco asks Diane to tear it up. Ava will not profit from his show. His talent's gone but Diane wants him to suck it up to pay his debts. He's ready to sign the contract until he sees Derek's signature. Diane wishes him luck finding a genius solution to pay his debts before Carly kicks him out.

At GH, Sam plans a trip to Ryan's Bar. Lucy's alerted that Kevin can't make lunch. As Silas approaches she advises Sam to never fall for a doctor, especial Dr. Clay since evil runs in the DNA. Alone with Silas, Sam admits she might have as much evil in her DNA as he does. She's a mobster's daughter and might be related to Ava Jerome. Sam shares what Lucy knew and asks if he ever heard of a bar named Ryan's. He's been there with Ava a couple of times and will take Sam.

Scott's surprised when he recognizes Heather outside of Kelly's. She wants a big hug but he doesn't want her to catch his cold – he fakes a cough. He wonders why she's not locked up. She's surprised it's not obvious that she needs a BLT like the ones she used to share with her lover Joe until Scott destroyed what they had. Suddenly she pulls a butcher knife from her pocketbook and takes a stab at him. He struggles with her and reminds her that it was just as much her fault that Joe caught the two of them in bed together. She agrees they were more than good friends once and kisses him passionately against his will. Lucy's surprises them and gets angry when she realizes Scott's kissing Heather. She wants him to catch Heather Webber to prove he's hard on crime. Heather will confess Scott planned her escape. He agrees to let her go. She waits for him to get her a BLT, and then thanks him for the trip down memory lane before leaving.

At Crimson, Morgan realizes Derek Wells is Julian Jerome when he overhears Ava joke about him thinking she was sleeping with her brother. Derek admires Ava's dedication for going after Morgan after Kiki left him for Michael but he's concerned Michael could find out they're going after his father. Ava assures him that Morgan will never know. Morgan interrupts them. He knows Derek is Julian Jerome and plans to take out Sonny. Derek wonders why he cares – he hates his father's guts. It's obvious Sonny doesn't 'give a damn' about him, why should he? He suggests Morgan forget everything he's heard. Morgan thinks he's being threatened. Sonny's still his dad. He's going to go tell him everything. Ava begs him not to do this but is unable to stop him. Derek blames her for keeping him around because she is stuck on Silas. Ava doesn't think Morgan will tell Sonny. Ava's concerned when Derek wants to stop Morgan and calls Carlos in.

Michael arrives at the coffee warehouse and inquires about what the cops were searching for when he sees the mess. Sonny believes it had something to do with Julian Jerome. Michael worries that Ava's working with Julian to bring Sonny down and Morgan is caught in the middle. Sonny can't convince Morgan without proof. Michael wants to do something since he's still unemployed. Sonny offers him the restaurant and he agrees to turn it into something like Sonny and Connie wanted. They hug. Morgan overhears Sonny's sentiments of how great it is to have his son close to him.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Felix hugs Patrick and Sabrina exclaiming, "We're getting married."

Mac asks Duke if everything is okay.

Nikolas can't find Robin.

Anna and Robert discuss Derek Wells.

Morgan has something to tell Sonny.

Derek tells Carlos to kill Morgan Corinthos.

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