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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Carlos and Derek discuss bringing Sonny down, Sonny finds common ground with D.A. Lazarro, and Carly has breakfast with Derek.

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From the penthouse, Ava leaves Derek a message, "Did you get the job done?" She reminds Morgan not to eavesdrop when he asks, "What job," and answers a knock at the door. Diane hands Morgan annulment papers and retrieves Ava's contract for Franco's show. She assures Ava her silent partner will be kept secret. Morgan knows Derek's her silent partner. Diane leaves and Ava argues with Morgan about her privacy and denies his claims that she's sleeping with Derek. She thinks he's jealous. Maybe he wants what they have to be serious. Morgan slams the door when she leaves to see Derek. Alone, he remembers Derek's comments about wanting to take care of Sonny and his parents' warnings about Ava.

At the Metro Court, Derek admits his invitation to breakfast was in hopes of her staying over. He wonders if the real reason she didn't come home with him is because she's hung up on Franco. Carly could care less about Franco. Derek ignores a call from Ava. Carly excuses herself when Carlos arrives and Derek kisses her before she leaves. Alone, Carlos confirms the coffee warehouse job is done but he's confused about hitting a legit business. Derek wants to follow the money. Ava breaks up their meeting and learns Corinthos is down for the count. Morgan arrives and listens outside as Ava jokes that Morgan thinks she's sleeping with her own brother. In his room, Franco's disturbed at the series of striped paintings. Heather startles him. She wants an honest opinion and asks, "Do you like them?" She's busy explaining how much she wants to please him when there's a knock on the door. Carly threatens to come in and he begs Heather to hide. Carly's surprised by all the paintings when she enters. Heather eavesdrops as Carly explains she wants her money and overhears Franco take credit for her work – the masterpieces for his upcoming show. Carly promises to bring Derek and leaves. Franco claims he didn't want to ruin the mystique of his new art by showing it to Carly when Heather storms out upset. He refuses to show Heather, leaving her eager to see his show.

At Kelly's, Kiki's interested in Michael's visit with AJ. He discusses AJ's chances when Lucy comes in promoting Scott Baldwin's run for D.A. Kiki wonders how a change in D.A. could affect AJ's chances. Michael thinks anything's better than going up against D.A. Lazarro. Outside, Scott discusses his campaign with Lucy. In a perfect world, Laura would be by his side. Lucy gives him a pep talk. Scott wonders if her involvement is an escape from the distraction that Kevin is busy somewhere else without her. Lucy's upset at his inference that her marriage is on the skids like his and she rushes off to meet Kevin. Later, Diane joins Kiki and Michael inside. She's hopeful at the prospect of winning the case if Scott's elected. She gives Kiki annulment papers before joining Scott. Scott refuses to tell Diane his thoughts on AJ's case until he's in office. She promises to file Kiki's annulment papers when she leaves. When Scott leaves, he's surprised to find Heather in disguise waiting outside.

Alexis is surprised the DNA results are in so fast when she meets Sam at GH. Sam wants to get it over with. Alexis opens the results and shares that Sam and Lucas are a match. He's her brother and Julian Jerome is her father. Sam's sad, thinking the moment would have been one where she'd find out who her father was and then she'd meet him. Alexis remembers Julian as being handsome and nice but it's probably better she never got to know him. Julian Jerome became a dangerous man. She reminds her something good came of it – she has a sibling out there. Sam remembers something Kiki said about her mother and wonders if her father is Ava's brother. They are discussing Julian's only sister, Olivia, who is also dead when Lucy arrives. Alexis asks her about her relationship with Victor Jerome. Lucy recalls another mistress that he had a child with.

Sonny and Shawn investigate the coffee warehouse. Inventory is in disarray causing Sonny distress. They've been hit again. Both are startled when D.A. Lazarro arrives with the police. He wants to help Sonny. He needs to look tough on crime during election time and needs a big name to take down. Sonny gives him Julian Jerome. Lazarro wants proof and Sonny plans to leave that up to Lazarro hoping he can retrieve old case files. Carly wants to know about Morgan when she finds them and Sonny tells her where he's staying.

Carly finds Ava's penthouse empty.

Back at the Metro Court, Diane has a problem with the fact that Franco didn't paint any of the striped paintings.

Tomorrow’s Port Charles spoilers for General Hospital:

Michael wants to help Sonny.

Morgan interrupts Ava and Derek.

Franco doesn't want a written contract.

Lucy tells Sam never to fall for a doctor.

Heather tries to stab Scott.

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